Be Ready! Donna Karan Will Guide You Soon...

Be Ready! Donna Karan Will Guide You Soon...

Even if you are not a fashion junky, you would probably know Donna Karan. Who wouldn’t know the fashion giant behind DKNY which has made a worldwide impression? Like most fashion moguls, Donna Karan has fought her way to the top in the fashion industry – an industry which is known to be cutthroat and very difficult to both penetrate and stay in.

The 65 year old designer has gained a lot of experiences which could become valuable lessons to all aspiring entrepreneurs. And in true Donna Karan style, she does not disappoint as she will soon guide you with her autobiography which reveals many of the fashion industry’s secrets.

What to expect from the autobiography

Although the autobiography is not due to come out until next year from Ballantine Bantam Dell, the fashion designer has already revealed some of the important highlights which she will be sharing in her book.

  1. The establishment of her many brands which include Seven Easy Pieces, DKNY and Urban Zen.

Are you aware that Donna Karan has launched more than one brand? Perhaps the most famous line is DKNY but she has also established other brands as well. Other fashion designers have achieved this feat and it marks them as among the most successful.

By giving readers the inside scoop on the mechanisms of the industry, understanding how the business works would be easier. Although people usually perceive the fashion industry as more of an art, the reality is that it is a business through and through. Talent alone cannot make your brand successful. Business acumen is needed as well which is an essential part of her autobiography.

  1. Mentoring with Anne Klein before being named her successor.

Even someone as famous as Donna Karan underwent training before reaching the top. In all industries, you always start from the bottom and then work your way up. And if you are given a chance to work with some of the best designers in the world, you do all you can to sponge up any information offered.

In the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” Anne Hathaway portrays an assistant who struggled on her ever demanding boss. It wasn’t always a piece of cake but at the end of the day, she took some very valuable lessons from experience with her monster boss and even got a recommendation to boot.

  1. Coming to terms with the regular rigors of family life including the death of her husband.

Outside of the fashion world, the designer had a life which is no different from others. She went through the same joys and pains that mothers would feel during childbirth. She experienced highs and lows with her family. She had to deal with the death of her husband. At the end of the day, she was just like every one of us.

Yes, in spite of the struggles that she went through, she was also able to juggle the demands of the fashion industry and carve a name for herself. How did she do it? It will all be revealed in her book.

Donna Karan may be in the fashion business but her experiences can inspire even those who are in different industries. If you want to learn from an expert, let Donna Karan guide you on your quest to establishing your business.