How to be Successful Whilst Having Fun

Girl having fun

We often consider work and play to be two completely different concepts. One is difficult, and the other is pure fun. The former involves effort and exertion, and the latter involves relaxation and enjoyment. But success and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It turns out that enjoying what you do is the recipe for success. If you want to enjoy your current position more and smile more at the office, check out this how-to guide and succeed while having fun.

1. Have a Positive Approach

Any office task can be enjoyable or horrible -it just depends on our mental outlook and how we think about it. Attitude really is everything when it comes to the work that we do. If you decide that even the smallest or boring of tasks are something to get excited about, you can even have fun while filing or organizing. If you’re used to whining to the person sitting next to you when you’re asked to do something that kind of sucks, you will never have fun at work.

Whether we view our jobs in a positive or negative way can be the most defining factor on how much we succeed. That’s because if we frown and sigh and whine every time our boss gives us some more work, they will start to notice, along with our co-workers. We’ll be perceived as the office complainer and as someone who doesn’t really care about their own success, let alone that of the company. In other words, we won’t be a "team player" which is what every employer wants their employees to be.

According to the Psycholigical Bulletin, doing well at the office doesn’t automatically make you a content person, but if you’re content, you will do well. So make sure that you enjoy yourself at work every single day and you will succeed. Your boss and co-workers will most likely start to notice that you’re always in a good mood and up for everything. Happy people even appear to be more successful since we feel we can count on them to get something important done.

2. Find Small Joys Every Day

Some of us are more naturally cheerful than others -usually those of us that consider ourselves to be "morning people." We’re the ones who hop out of bed joyfully every day, ready to enjoy a good breakfast and excited about each work day. But even for those of us who aren’t quite so cheery can still find things to be excited about every day. It can be as tiny, simple and meaningless as changing up your usual black coffee at Starbucks for a fun pumpkin spice or vanilla latte. Or it can be the decision to only listen to happy, uplifting music at your desk every single day. Or you can choose to laugh with your co-workers at the end of a meeting and bring some joy back into the office environment.

Even if you are the most successful person in the world but you don’t take time to appreciate life and how happy the little things can make you each and every day, you won’t be able to notice how well things are going. It’s much better to be mindfull and appreciative.

3. Consider Self-Employment

We can’t always have fun at every job. Some workplaces are too corporate for who we truly are or we’re bogged down with endless work that just doesn’t feed our soul any longer. If this describes you, think about what you really want to do, and consider a career change. You can start a freelance business and pursue what you’re passionate about.

When we become self-employed, we’re making a conscious choice to fall in love with what we do, and to ensure that there is no divide between our work and the rest of our lives. It’s not possible for freelancers to separate work and personal life because working for yourself often means working late nights, early mornings and even weekends or holidays. But you don’t mind because you love what you do so much and you have so much fun doing it. If a corporate lifestyle makes you feel bored and uninspired, consider starting your own freelance business and you will have so much more freedom to enjoy yourself every day. Instead of being chained to a desk, you can work from your home office or even your kitchen, and can even take a long lunch break to make yourself a health-conscious meal and head to a yoga class. 

We all hear success stories of someone who left their full-time job to do what they want: write mystery novels, become a food blogger, teach yoga. What do these people have in common? They decided to make work fun. You can do the same.

4. Redefine Your Idea Of Fun

Fun means something different to each of us. Some of us like being alone and curling up on the couch with a book or magazine and a cup of tea. Others love to go out dancing and drinking with their friends on a Saturday night. Neither of these activities can be done at the office, of course, so think about the kind of fun that you can have while still working toward your career goals.

Having fun at the office means getting your co-workers involved, and everyone will definitely appreciate your efforts. Why not suggest that every Friday, someone brings in some baked goods (whether homemade or storebought) for an end-of-the week treat? Or have everyone go out for Mexican food once a month? You can also bring in a yoga teacher to teach a lunchtime class so everyone is motivated and inspired to get back to work feeling more awake and in a better mood, or even just do something as simple as making it a point to talk to everyone you work with at least once a day. This will make you feel connected to the office environment and make your days more enjoyable, because who can have fun while sitting alone and in silence?

5. Work Harder

You may think that deciding to work even longer hours and even harder than you already do will be completely awful. But it can actually be the opposite. When we really throw ourselves into our careers, we’re guaranteeing that we will be successful because we’re ensuring that we’re going to be present and all-in. We’re not going to be yawning and waiting for the weekend to arrive, because we know that we love what we do and that even the hardest work can be so much fun. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting a deadline and knowing that you did an amazing job. When you work as hard as you can, you will end up loving your job even more, because you will get back the energy that you’re putting in. Your boss will say they’re so impressed and you could even get a promotion or more responsibilities, which will help you have even more of a good time at the office because you will be so proud of yourself.

Consider how you would feel if you worked only two days a week. You might enjoy having free time to do whatever you want at first, but after relaxing and hanging out at home watching television, you’re going to feel more than a little bored and uninspired. We need a purpose in life and for many of us, that’s our careers. Enjoy what you do, let your passion fuel your busy days, and meet those long hours with a big grin on your face. It’s a privilege to like your job, so never take it for granted.

Want to be more successful at your job? Of course you do. We all want that. What if the key to success was enjoying yourself more every single day? Check out this how-to guide on having fun while being successful, and learn that work and play go well together.