How to Beat the 3pm Slump

sleppy in meetings

It is 3pm. You are feeling spent and a nap seems inevitable. The only thing standing in your way is a task that you must complete urgently for a boss who does not tolerate employees lazing around the office. Although the National Sleep Foundation suggests a short afternoon nap can improve your productivity, you don’t want to be labeled unproductive and lazy. When the 3 pm slump checks in, most people tend to reach for a cup of coffee or candy bar, not knowing they are increasing their sugar levels, which increases fatigue.

So how do you beat it? How do you stay sharp and focused till you are done for the day?

Walk Around

Whenever you feel sleepy or fatigued, get up and walk around. Don’t just stroll to the office window and back to your workstation. You could hit the stairs and go to the car park. Your aim should be to let your body gather a fresh feeling. If your employer provides a gym, there would be no harm rushing there and doing some light exercises, such as air bikes. When you return to your desk, you will be surprised how energized you will feel.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter relaxes your body, improves your mood and keeps you focused. Having a good laugh after lunch will help keep the 3pm slump away. But where do you find laughter in an office where everyone is interested in taking a nap? Well, turn to a magazine or newspaper and flip the pages to the humor column. If you have funny clips on your phone, watch them. This is the best time to use YouTube productively.

Eat Light Meals

How about beating the 3pm slump long before 3pm? The trick is in eating light meals. You may have skipped breakfast or taken it in a hurry because you woke up late, but that’s no excuse to have a heavy lunch. If you want to stay active throughout the afternoon, be sure to take light meals for breakfast and lunch. You can eat snacks, fruits, yoghurt and trail mix to keep you going.

Practice Meditation

Office meditation allows you to recollect your thought process and calms your body. If you had a rough morning, meditation will help you maintain your calm throughout the afternoon. Practicing mediation in the office also re-energizes your body. If you can, spend about 30 minutes after lunch meditating. It often works wonders.

Schedule Your Day

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so goes a popular saying. In this context, failing to plan is planning to slump at 3pm! As such, you should maintain an elaborate schedule of the day’s activities. You should concentrate on performing complex tasks in the morning and simpler tasks in the afternoon. Executing difficult task in the afternoon tires your brain, hence making your body vulnerable to the 3pm slump. Besides, without a proper schedule, you will find yourself juggling between tasks, exposing yourself to confusion and an avoidable 3pm slump.

If you read this article in the afternoon and managed to get here, congratulations. You have just equipped yourself with deadly ammunition for fighting the 3pm slump. Good luck!

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