Beating Procrastination: Tips and Techniques [infographic]

Procrastination is the bane of productivity and achieving goals.Whether you are a student or an adult, you may be deliberately delaying to complete your daily assignments at school or work and therefore hurting your own career trajectory.

However, apparently there are many ways to avoid procrastination and become successful in whatever you do. This infographic from Essay-Expert provides you with all the information and the tips you need to beat procrastination, and helps you develop some strategies to become more productive. Check out the following ways of beating procrastination as suggested by the infographic:

  1. Get to know yourself.
  2. Develop effective time-management skills.
  3. Change your perspective.
  4. Commit to assignments and prioritise tasks.
  5. Work in productive environments.
  6. Set SMART goals and be realistic with your targets.
  7. Self-talk positively.
  8. Schedule tasks in a way that allows enough free time and other activities.
  9. Devote small chunks on time to a big assignment.
  10. Plan steps to achieve your goals.
  11. Prepare for possible obstacles along the way.
  12. Improve your learning behaviour.
  13. Help yourself as much as possible.
  14. Reward progress.
  15. Learn to forgive yourself.

If you think your work is suffering due to procrastination, check out this infographic to get more tips on how to beat it and become more productive and successful!