How to Become a Benefits Assessor in the United Kingdom

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The number of people claiming benefits is going up every day.This calls for establishment of good structures by the government in order to be able to manage the benefits system. Therefore some infrastructure needs to be put in place where the benefits system will be run from. The benefits system is run by specialists called benefits assessors. The increased claims of benefits are a good indication that the demand for benefits assessors is growing day in day out. Do you wish to be one of these specialists? Here is what it takes;

What do benefits assessors do?

The key task as a benefits assessor is to assess and evaluate new and on-going claims for benefits from clients above the age of 18 years. It is the responsibility of the benefits assessor to determine what claimants are entitled to. They also help the claimants to do the necessary paperwork.
The type of people you are likely to deal with as a benefits assessor are different based on the type of benefit ranging from disability, child tax credit, housing and unemployment.

Work Environment

This job involves a standard schedule of working for standard hours a week; Monday to Friday. This makes it roughly 40 hours a week. At times when the work is too much it may involve working overtime.


The remuneration for benefits assessors is not standard. It varies based on the level of experience and qualification. The assessors working in London earn higher salaries as compared to those working in other regions.

Rank held

Annual Remuneration

Junior benefits assessor

£17000- £18000

Benefits assessor with some experience


£18000- £24000

Benefits assessors in senior position

20 percent discount
20 percent discount



£25000 and


With experience, staff will move to very senior assessor positions that attract very high annual salaries.

 Entry requirements

There are no direct qualifications for you to become a benefits assessor. What employers normally look for are candidates with at least four GCSEs including maths and English. Work experience also works as an added advantage.
If you want relevant experience for this job it is prudent to work as a volunteer in any benefits scheme near where you reside.

Important skills and abilities

In order for you to deliver in your position as a benefits assessor, there are a few core competencies that you ought to possess. These will determine whether you are ideal for the position or not and they include the following:
• This job is very involving and sometimes you have to work under pressure. Thus, you should be capable of keeping calm under pressure.
• It calls for you to be self-motivated.
• You should possess good public relations because the position majorly involves working with people.
• You should be proficient with the benefits legislations and regulations because that is all that this position revolves around.
• One major requirement expected of you is good knowledge of the benefits system in the United Kingdom
• Sometimes you may be required to work past the standard working hours thus you should be flexible and able to meet deadlines when duty calls.

Training and development

Upon getting the job, you will receive basic training on the following:
• Customer care
• Communication skills
• Dynamism of the benefits system in the UK as it changes from time to time.
This basic training shall be offered by your employer be it the government or the charity sector.

Job Opportunities

You may be able to find employment in:
• Local authorities
• Department of work and pensions.
• Citizens advice bureau
• Asian Health Agency in London

You may also work as a housing support worker for the homeless in the charity sector.
If you possess vast job experience rest assured that you will start working in senior positions doing supervisory or managerial roles.

Do you have a passion in serving the community? If the answer is yes then it is about time you actualize that passion by becoming a benefits assessor so as to help the disabled and the less privileged get their various benefits. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.




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