How to Become a Cabin Crew Instructor

After a couple of years as Cabin crew you may wish to diversify your airline career, one option is to become a cabin crew Instructor. You may still be able to fly part time but deliver ground school courses and perform check flights too, to see that the cabin crew are up to speed. You will instruct subjects such as safety and emergency procedures and aviation first aid as well as in-flight service and grooming standards. Courses can be ab-initio (new starters) or recurrent (yearly crew training).

What is the role of a cabin crew instructor?

The main duties of a cabin crew Instructor are:

  • To provide training to the service, operational and regulatory requirements
  • To design and develop training materials
  • To monitor and assess the performance of the cabin crew
  • To promote safety and service as well as best practice
  • To maintain a safe and secure environment

Some tasks that you will be required to do are:

  • Administration as appropriate
  • Update training materials when needed
  • Communicate with cabin crew any SEP updates
  • Prepare classroom and mock cabin for training sessions
  • Facilitate soft skills training
  • Coach and motivate ab-initio and recurrent cabin crew

Basic requirements and qualifications

Cabin crew instructors are required to have at least high school education but a degree is preferred and a minimum of 2 years working as cabin crew. It is useful to have either experience or training in adult education or a ‘train the trainer’ qualification.  Previous experience of customer services training or first aid training is useful as is evidence of designing and developing E learning and training materials. It is important to have computer skills such as Microsoft Office and also strong presentation and writing skills.

Good qualities that a cabin crew instructor should have are:

  • Can-do attitude
  • Excellent personal presentation
  • Cultural awareness and flexibility
  • Be a quick learner who likes to help others succeed

How to apply

Many positions are internal and you have to work through the airline as cabin crew before gaining a promotion. However exceptional candidates with previous experience may be occasionally recruited and these positions are advertised on the airlines careers website and also on aviation job websites.

Hours, salary and benefits

Outside of flying hours, you will be office based and mostly working a schedule of 8am to 6pm, during ab-initio courses, 6 days a week for up to 7 weeks. Recurrent courses run on a 3 day schedule.

Salary is made up of basic, plus any flying hours and allowances.


Minimum P.A.

Maximum P.A

New Instructor



Experienced Instructor



Other benefits may include health and life insurance, uniform and laundry expenses as well as internet service. Accommodation and transport are provided down-route, when flying.

Future opportunities

You can become a training specialist in your particular field if you wish and concentrate on topics such as security, dangerous goods and crew resource management. It is possible to also work as a senior cabin crew member onboard the aircraft. After 5-10 years, depending on the airline, it is possible to move up to a cabin crew mManager role.