How to Become a CAD Technician

If you have a soft spot for drawing, you can serve better as a CAD technician. This position allows you to use your drawing skills to create technical artistic impressions for various products and projects. You need to be willing to work alone and with a team as well and be willing to follow directions from architects and engineers since you are responsible for the creation of plans that are specific in terms of dimensions. Working as a CAD technician needs you to be creative and patient.

What Do CAD Technicians Do?

CAD technicians are conversant in both 2D and 3D designs. The 3D modeling enables engineers take a virtual tour on the prospective building or have an internal view of a piece of machinery to be manufactured. Alternatively, 2D modeling enables them create a flat portrayal of a design. Their duties include:

  • Designing project frameworks
  • Working with packaging and industrial engineers to develop and fabricate and publicize products
  • Analyzing, designing and building technical and business solutions to enable clients achieve their objectives
  • Creating comprehensive design documentation
  • Estimating the cost and time needed to complete a project
  • Coding and testing software
  • Defining, creating and maintaining development standards, procedures and methodologies
  • Designing elevations, floor plans and realistic rendering using software
  • Creating designs for homes, automotive, medicine and electronics
  • Helping in the selection materials required by various products
  • Producing final design specs
  • Supervising assistant drafters and various individuals working in the design of projects


Below is the CAD Technician annual salary reflection in various cities:



Annual Median Earnings















CAD technicians work in various industries such as manufacturing, construction and engineering. Working as a CAD technician, you need to be:

  • Knowledgeable of engineering design principles
  • Skilled in IT and maths
  • Equipped with presentation skills
  • Knowledgeable in construction methods and manufacturing processes
  • Creative
  • Good in solving problems
  • Resilient to handle critical feedback
  • Able to work in a team
  • Able to meet deadlines


The CAD technician entry level doesn’t require any experience. Individuals who want to become CAD technicians need to secure an associate degree in any design related curriculum like an Associate of Applied Science in Computer-aided Design Technology Degree. In these programs, students are equipped with skills that enable them utilize CAD software programs effectively in the creation of detailed drawings. Since the program is based on open-entry, students are able to enter a workforce and return to complete their degree or advance their skills. CAD technicians gain experience by entering internship programs where they learn under the administration of a senior CAD technician. This program incorporates the creation of images and drawings using CAD software programs and carrying out activities in the companionship of other professionals.

CAD technicians who pursue PhD doctoral degree programs in CAD can assume leadership roles in sections or teams. Additionally, one can become a site or product manager. Engineers in this section are bound to enhance their career opportunities if they register with the Engineering Council. Many employers don’t require you to secure an ADDA certification. However, certification can boost your marketability, credibility, opportunities and salary. Candidates have to pass the Drafter Certification to earn certification.

Career Prospects

CAD design is growing at a rapid rate with openings in various industries. There is a rise in complexity in the manufacturing and design processes hence more jobs for competent CAD technicians. According to BLS, job opportunities for these technicians are estimated to increase 10% from 2012-2022.

There are many employers in both small and large corporations as well as with a large number of local authorities. This job position requires an individual with a basic grip of engineering and drawing principles. You should also be knowledgeable of the qualities of various material such as metals and be capable of visualizing items in 3D.

If you think you have both the creative and technical skills that are required to become a CAD technician then perhaps this is the right career for you.


Image Source: digitalschoolsonline