How to Become a Car Fleet Manager

How to Become a Car Fleet Manager

Do you love cars and would like to serve at a higher position in the automotive industry? Serving as a car fleet manager is ideal for you. Working in this position, you run a company’s fleet of automobiles dealing with its day-to-day operation. The fleet incorporates vehicles of all groups. This career suits individuals with a flexible approach and desire to employ their organisational skills.

What Do Car Fleet Managers Do?

Car fleet managers are required to be skilled individuals who are able to arrive at decisions quickly. They should be able to motivate teams in their respective work areas to ensure proper running of services. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  • Running contracts and coming up with new business
  • Managing the fleet’s repair and maintenance
  • Looking out for cost-effective new vehicle sources
  • Ensuring that vehicles are safe when not in use
  • Establishing staff cover
  • Organising reports and annual budgets on the operation costs
  • Predicting vehicle locations and car availability.
  • Estimating the fleet’s capital value, taxable value and depreciation rate
  • Keeping employees updated about their fleet progress and programs
  • Leasing or purchasing vehicles and other necessary gear


A majority of vehicle fleet managers acknowledge that their pay is sufficient for the duties bestowed to their positions. Below is the breakdown of their median annual earnings in various cities:


Median Annual Salary

New Hampshire


















The position of a car fleet involves a big responsibility of dealing with fleets ranging in number and size. You can work in various capacities that require you to have the following skills:

  • Reading comprehension to decipher written communication
  • Active listening skills
  • Decision making and judgment skills to consider the comparative benefits and costs of various actions and settling on the best one
  • Being informed of other people’s perceptions and reactions
  • Be able to monitor other individuals and their duties
  • Be a good time keeper and a critical thinker
  • Be problem sensitive to able to sense the presence of problems
  • Be able to expressive himself both orally and in written


Usually, car fleet managers acquire on the job training. This training is tailored in accordance to the company’s structure and mode of operation. A majority of employees fancy candidates who have pursued a bachelor’s degree in various fields such as marketing, science or any technical field. Other employers might prefer a master’s degree. Generally, car fleet managers are supposed to earn several years of experience working with the maintenance, administration and operation of fleets of vehicles. Supervisory experience with car leasing and rentals agencies is also a plus when seeking this job position.

Car fleet managers are able to advance by assuming the role of managers in larger fleets. With increased experience and training, they can become transportation directors, administrative directors or companies’ vice presidents. Fleet management training is offered in the Institute of Car Fleet Management among other institutions.

Career Prospects

Job opportunities for car fleet managers are expected to grow relatively fast through 2014. Nevertheless, a number of companies tend to contract with leasing companies to preside over the fleet administration tasks thereby restricting the number of opportunities available for prospective car fleet managers.

To become a successful car fleet manager, one needs to possess outstanding interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills. This position requires individuals with excellent organisational skills since responsibilities for these professionals tend to increase on a daily basis.