How to Become a Certified Hotel Administrator

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Do you have excellent management skills and would like to work in the hospitality industry? Serving as a certified hotel administrator will be ideal for you.  Certified hotel administrators also referred to as certified hotel managers preside over all phases of running a hotel, from general maintenance and housekeeping to marketing and budget management.

What Do Certified Hotel Administrators Do?

As a certified hotel administrator, it is your duty to:

  •          Manage hotel staff
  •          Set annual budgets
  •          Set business marketing stratagems and targets
  •          Analyze financial statistics and information
  •          Organize building maintenance
  •          Ensure security
  •          Respond to customer comments and complaints
  •          Ensure that all laws such as licensing laws are adhered to
  •          Secure corporate booking for conference facilities and entertainment


Earnings for certified hotel administrators vary according to their employer and level of expertise. Below is the summary of their annual median salary.

Trainee hotel managers

Up to £19,000

Small hotel managers


Senior managers

£60,000 and above

Source: NCS


As a certified hotel administrator, you are required to:

  •          Have people skills
  •          Be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in written format
  •          Be able to manage staff
  •          Have excellent organizational skills
  •          Have tact and diplomacy
  •          Have business skills
  •          Be able to remain calm in stressful situations and make quick solutions


The easiest way to get to the position of a certified hotel administrator is to work your way up starting from junior positions. You can get training for junior positions such as front house management through apprenticeship schemes or receive on-the-job training. Alternatively, you can consider completing a higher education level qualification than begin a trainee scheme for hotel management. Appropriate higher education qualifications require candidates who have secured HNDs, foundation degrees and degrees in:

  •          Hospitality management
  •          Hotel management
  •          International hotel management
  •          Hospitality business management

Candidates who have completed a Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Hospitality Management and a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality have a competitive advantage as this will enable them to move higher up the hierarchy. Apprenticeship programs that are available are dependent on the skills required of the employees by their potential employers and the local job market.

While serving in the hospitality industry, you can gain experience in various aspects.  You might be stimulated to work towards a specified industry qualification depending on your experience and qualifications. You can also take various qualifications offered by the IoH or CTH that include:

Once you are a member to the CTH and IoH, you gain access to networking events, seminars and openings for CPD. With more experience, you can assume senior roles such as marketing and training other hotel administrators.

Career Prospects

Jobs for certified hotel administrators are publicized through Jobcentre Plus offices, hotel group websites, industry journals as well as the national and local press. The NCS predicts these opportunities to rise up to 1,015,000 by 2020 in the UK. These professionals can also work abroad with some large hotel chains as a certified hotel administrator.

Your progression prospects depend on the size of hotel you work for, your experience and your willingness to travel around the country as well as abroad. As an experienced administrator, you can open your own hotel business.