How to Become a Chocolatier

A chocolatier, often confused as a chocolate maker, is a type of chef who uses chocolate to make confectionary. Chocolate makers, on the other hand, create chocolate from cacoa beans and other ingredients. A chocolatier has a strong affinity for chocolate and should acquire chocolate-making talents, such as tempering, molding, candy production and confections, and recipe creation. To be a chocolatier is one of the most romantic and exciting jobs in the world. But to master this fancy profession, one has to be an expert in working with chocolate. He should be able to create not only delicious desserts, but also beautifully and skillfully crafted pieces of art with the chocolate. A Chocolatier is basically a Scientist, a Designer and a Sculptor.


  •          Patience and perseverance
  •          Creativity and a knack for sweets
  •          Pressure handling physical and mental strength
  •          Knowledge, skill and creativity
  •          A vision to create a profitable business with chocolate  

Hard work that is required

It's a long commitment to learn everything and be confident in your skills. Different ingredients work in different ways, different chocolates react in different ways and then you have to learn the decoration techniques. There are long working hours and hectic holidays behind this profession. One has to be prepared for endless repetitions.

Formal Education and Training

You can undergo hard-core culinary training through formal education at a university or a culinary institute.You can also join short courses and later opt to work or you can volunteer with someone who manufactures chocolate.

The culinary schools offer advance studies in this field as well. According to, Top 10 culinary schools in the world are:

1.Lenôtre: France

2.New England Culinary Institute (NECI): United States

3.Hattori Nutrition College: Japan

4.Le Cordon Bleu: France

5.Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School: Australia

6.The French Culinary Institute (FCI): United States

7.Academia Barilla: Italy

8.Tante Marie Cooking School: England

9.The Culinary Institute of America: United States

10.Superior Center of Hospitality and Tourism: Spain

After completing your education, the next step is to seek an apprenticeship under a master chocolatier. This will give you the hands-on experience necessary to become a professional.

While you get to become a professional chocolatier, you will learn: 

  • The chemistry of chocolate flavors and textures 
  • Tempering, dipping, decorating, and molding 
  • Confectionery formulae based on ganache, sugar syrup, and fondant
  • Business management skills of marketing and production
  • Modern techniques of cultivation and processing


You can work under master chocolatiers or start your independent business. When you’re first starting out, you need to very patient as you cannot expect to dive right in. It takes years of experience to position you as a master chocolatier.

Pay Scale

According to, the average salary for chocolatier jobs is $21,000 per year. Average chocolatier salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.Employment with more renowned institutions can garner a considerably higher wage. According to, a chocolatier for Godiva can earn $90,000 to $100,000 per year.

Finally, you know you are a master chocolatier when you start to live, eat and sleep chocolate.





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