How to Become a Coffee Shop Counter Attendant in the UK

The service industry offers exciting full time and part time job opportunities. They also offer you a chance to interact with people, practice your communication skills and meet diverse personalities. A career as a counter attendant gives you an entry into the hospitality and service industry. Alternatively, you can use the opportunity to gain experience as you prepare to pursue your preferred career.

What Does a Coffee Shop Counter Attendant Do?

You daily work may involve the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Serving foods, drinks and snacks to clients
  • Preparing and packaging takeout orders for clients
  • Preparing bills for clients
  • Preparing quick meals by following written instructions or using set formulas
  • Up hold cleanliness and hygiene standards by performing cleaning duties as assigned
  • Maintaining and balancing sales records
  • Replenishing food and other accompaniments at service stations
  • Taking orders from clients
  • Assisting dining clients get sitting space especially when the facility is busy
  • Clearing tables and cleaning up after clients


A majority of people taking jobs as coffee shop counter attendant are fresh from high school or still in high school, thus you can get a job with a basic qualification.

  • A secondary certificate
  • On the job training as specified by your employer
  • Understanding of basic arithmetic


Cultivating the following skills will come in handy in your career as a coffee shop counter attendant.

Excellent communication skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patient and active listening
  • Ability to read social situations and respond appropriately
  • Sensitivity to problems
  • Knowledge on how to operate different equipment at the establishment
  • Problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Basic sales and marketing skills

Work Environment

You will work a lot with people from diverse backgrounds, each with a unique personality. The work will involve you being on your feet throughout your shift. You will also have to perform other duties such as cleaning, replenishing washroom supplies, preparing meals and drinks.

The exciting part is that you get to interact with diverse personalities and gain new skills. Depending on the establishment and season, the tips you receive come as an added advantage.


In addition to your regular salary, you will also make money from tips.

Entry Level



Intermediate Level




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Source: Pay Scale: Waiter/Waitress Salary

Career Advancement

A career in the service industry serves is a platform to launch you into the job market. Its employment options are flexible enough allowing you to dedicate to school or another job. You also get to learn the administrative aspects of the business preparing you for a managerial position.

A job in the service and hospitality industry, will give you on hand experience and allow you to learn skills that will come in handy later in life.

In case you enjoy meeting and serving people, you should consider a career as a coffee shop counter attendant.

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