How to Become a Colour Consultant in the US

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People respond differently to various colors. Color consultants are the professionals who are qualified to tell the effect of color on emotion, behavior and mood. They are able to tell why red is widely considered the color of love, or why blue represent tranquility! Their knowledge is commonly applied in fields such as interior design, fashion design and alternative medicine. To break into this profession, you should have a degree and strong artistic skills.

What Do Color Consultant Do?

The specific duties usually vary with the nature of project they are undertaking. In general, they perform the following duties:

  • Holding meetings with clients to identify their objectives
  • Conducting research to determine the colors that can best meet clients’ needs
  • Advising clients on the effects of various colors
  • Collaborating with other professionals, such as beauty therapists, to enhance clients’ looks
  • Keeping an eye on trends in interior design and other relevant industries

Work Environment

Color consultants are typically based in their offices, where they work from 9am to 5pm. This schedule can, however, change to suit the needs of clients. For example, if a company wishes to urgently repaint its offices, the consultant may spend his or her time on site and work into the evening to meet the tight deadline.

The job may involve a lot of travel, especially for consultant with several clients.


Although income can vary as many color consultants are self- employed the average annual salary for color consultants the US is:


Annual average salary

Color consultant


Source: Indeed

Entry Requirements

It takes a combination of the right education, talent and passion to become a competent color consultant. It can be challenging to get started in the field without all of these requirements. As such, you should begin by earning a bachelor’s in a field that has coursework on color imaging or management, such as:

  • Interior design
  • Home economics
  • Fashion design
  • Digital photography
  • Visual arts

After graduating, you should focus on building a strong portfolio of your work. You could offer free services in local hospitals or people constructing residential homes. This will enable you to take photos of these projects, which you can use to show off your expertise to potential employers.

Important Qualities

To be a successful color consultant you should have:

  • An exceptionally good eye for color
  • Strong artistic skills, or the ability to visualize an idea and sketch it
  • A high level of attention to detail
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to respect other people’s tastes and preferences

Career Development

After getting a job, you can pursue a graduate degree in color management or color science to enhance your knowledge and ability to attract more clients.

Examples of colleges and universities that offer these programs include:

The International Color Consortium and the Color Association of the United States are some of the professional bodies that offer membership opportunities. By joining them, you will be able to interact with other color professionals, share ideas and expand your network.

Combining these achievements with vast experience can help you establish a consulting business and gain clients with ease.

Job Opportunities

Although many color consultants run their own businesses, you can find employment in:

  • Fashion stores
  • Image consulting agencies
  • Furniture stores
  • Interior design companies
  • Cosmetic companies

You can also move into the alternative medicine field by taking additional courses in color psychology.

Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7 percent job growth for all art and design occupations from 2012 through 2022. Although this means jobs will be scarce, color consulting gives you the power to venture into self-employment as soon as you qualify. So you should not shy away from making a career out of your passion for colors because of the uninviting growth rate.

But if you have the right attributes and passion then perhaps a career as a color consultant is for you.