How to Become a Fashion Journalist

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Becoming a fashion journalist is a popular career choice for most young women. Popular TV series such as "Ugly Betty" and Hollywood films such as "Devil Wears Prada" and "13 going on 30" have glamourised what it could be like to be a fashion journalist. This type of film marketing has left a lot of young enthusiastic girls all over the world aspiring to be like those "got it all" characters that are portrayed in fictional films. A fashion journalist is a glamourous job if you cut out the long hours working, travelling all over the world and reporting about fashion constantly until your head spins. The reality of this job is not as glamourous as the films may have you thinking.

 Here is all the information you will need in order to develop a career in fashion journalism.

What does a fashion journalist do?

-  Attend fashion shows- Write a show report about the clothes

-  Attend exclusive events regarding fashion and celebrities

-  Interviewing designers

-  Keeping up with the latest fashion news and writing trend forecasts

-  Fashion writing and feature writing

-  Private viewing of new collection’s

-  Style fashion shoots

-  Reporting on fashion for magazines, online publications, blogs and newspapers

Skills required

-  A Degree in fashion journalism or any related journalism degree is essential

-  Good communication skills

-  Computer skills

-  Knowledge of social media and blogging

-  Excellent writing skills

-  You must have the ability to work long hours in an office including nights, on weekends and to be able to travel.

-   Fashion knowledge and interest

Qualifications & entry requirements

-  A level grade c or above

-  Five GCSE’s c or above including English

-  240-280 UCAS tariff points

-  Pass at BTEC level 3 extended diploma

EU students are allowed to apply with similar graded standard qualifications to British qualification regulations

Career prospects & development

  • Progression to MA fashion journalism is available if you want to progress your fashion journalism qualifications further
  • Job with a fashion magazine, newspaper, fashion company, fashion PR company or online magazines
  • A lot of graduates go on to work for magazines such as Vogue and Grazia and newspapers such as the Daily mail and the Telegraph
  • Some graduates seek Jobs as stylists, editorial assistants and buyers

Essential Requirements:

A Degree in fashion journalism or any related journalism degree is essential.Skills include good communication skills, computer skills, knowledge of social media and blogging, and excellent writing skills. You must have the ability to work long hours in an office including nights, on weekends and to be able to travel.

Contributing writing for online publications and magazines

Many aspiring journalists strive to get there work published before they get a real job. Building up a strong CV with previous contributing writer jobs is essential for a journalist’s career. It is like a portfolio of your work that has reached a large audience. Many journalists work for years as non paid contributing writers whilst they are doing their degree. Having experience as a contributing writer will help them get a good journalist job after graduating. If you want to become a fashion journalist try contributing writing for some online fashion magazines, publications and blogs. This will get your audience growing and the experience will look great on your CV . Want to know the highs, lows and questions required to become a fashion journalist? Here are the FAQ’s.

Starting your own blog

The new revolution of fashion blogging is a great way of expressing how you feel, expressing personal opinion and lets you write day to day thoughts and share it with an audience of followers. Pay for click ad’s can be bought on Adsense on Google+ .You can make money by a single click. For instance when a follower clicks on the add you will receive a sum of cash into your PayPal account. The more followers you have the you have the more clicking and money you’ll earn. Click ads start from £5-£150.

NCJT qualification

If you can’t do a fashion journalist degree this qualification is the next best thing. NCTJ is the premium journalist board who accredit most journalist BA honours degrees. You can do this course from home or attend a college. By doing the main five units of the qualification with two added specialist units -business of magazines and production journalism - will equip you well for a fashion journalist career.


The salary of a fashion journalist depends on your experience and the magazine or newspaper you work for. According to jobzoo, fashion journalist salaries differ and are stated below:

 Starting journalist



 Mid to senior journalists



 Senior level journalist


 £60,000 or more

Salary: jobzoo

Best magazines to aim to work for:



•In style



After reading through this career article you can gather what it will take to become a fashion journalist. If you cut out the long hours you will find this is a very rewarding and interesting career for many young women to fulfil. Your life will be dominated with catwalk shows, designer interviews and fashion parties and you must require a passion for fashion. Do you think you have what it takes to be a great fashion journalist? Who knows you could work for vogue magazine one day.