How to Become a Football Star

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Football, or soccer, is the world’s most popular sport. The world cup final, for instance, is watched by over 600 million people. The Premier League is also incredibly popular, as are other top football leagues across Europe, South America and Africa. Although the game has been graced by legendary footballers such as Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Pele and Diego Maradona, modern day superstars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo  and Wayne Rooney are a joy to watch.

If your dream is to become a football star, there is no doubt you aspire to play in the top leagues, score many goals, break all sorts of records and catch the world’s attention in the process. So how do you make your dreams come true? Read on.

1. Nurture Your Talent

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To unlock your dreams, you must have the talent and passion for football. Whether you are in high school or college, it is essential that you focus on developing your talent and improving your football skills at a young age. Join a football team in your school, as well as community youth teams. It is during these early stages that you learn and master the rules of the game and select a position that suits your skills and strengths.

When you are not on the pitch training or playing, you could use your free time to play video games such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. This will help you develop a strong passion for the game.

2. Get Spotted

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You can’t become a football star by playing for your school or community youth team forever. Only professional soccer clubs and national teams can help you rise to the top. However, being spotted by a club is no walk in the park. You should strive to be among the standout players in your team. During competitions or matches, especially those that are likely to attract scouts from soccer clubs and national teams, perform to your best.

However, in an article published by the BBC, Roger Skryme, a Fulham FC scout says talent and technical ability is not all that counts when picking the best players. Skryme considers other aspects like:

  • Work rate – Do you help your team to recover the ball when it loses possession?
  • Character and professionalism – How do you react to dangerous tackles from opponents?

If you can standout and develop these qualities, then you will find it relatively easy to advance to professional teams.

3. Go Pro

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Alive For Football

Once you are playing for a professional soccer club, don’t get carried away by the excitement. Continue training hard and putting in excellent performance for your team. Competition for playing positions is likely to be fierce, so you must give your all.

As you continue playing excellently, top clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich may want to sign you, an opportunity you should grab with both hands. With such clubs, along with your national team, you will have every opportunity to compete in the highest stages and win trophies.

4. Grow a Cult Following

Becoming a football star is not all about making impossible saves, passing the ball or scoring amazing goals. You must also put an effort in to growing your reputation off-the pitch. Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with your fans and attract a huge following, just like Cristiano with over 100 million Facebook fans.

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Remember only the best of the best often manage to become football stars. Injuries and misconduct are just some of the reasons why a talented player may fail to make it to the top. Finally, be sure to find an experienced football agent with deep industry networks.  He or she can play an influencial role in helping you secure moves to the top soccer clubs. Good luck!