How to Become a Genius Like Einstein

How to Become a Genius Like Einstein

Einstein was an amazing man, a genius, and a creator. The world owes him a debt of gratitude for everything that he gave us, and he truly is a man to emulate.

If you want to be like Einstein, you’ll find that it’s easier said than done. Not only did he have an amazing intellect, but he had a unique worldview that made it possible for him to think way outside the box. If you want to become a genius like Einstein, here’s how to start thinking like he did:


Did you know that Einstein spent hours just sitting and thinking, daydreaming, and contemplating the world around him? Most people consider this to be a waste of time, but it’s when you daydream that your mind creates connections between things you consider totally unrelated. Daydreaming is like brainstorming for the creative mind, so let your mind drift and see what amazing insights you can come up with.

Seek Out Fellow Geniuses

The best way to encourage genius is to be around other geniuses. Positive peer pressure always yields good results, so surround yourself with people who will push you to be smarter, work harder, and be more creative. Rub shoulders with fellow geniuses, and work with a mentor who will help you develop your specific genius in the most effective way.

Think For Yourself

Einstein had an abiding suspicion for the educational structure, particularly the way teachers told him, "This is right because I say it is." It’s time to start thinking for yourself, finding out the "whys" behind everything. Independent thought is the key to discovery, so be curious and trust your curiosity to lead you in the right direction.

Cross Educate

Did you know that Einstein played the violin like a master? Music provided him with another way of thinking, and it helped him to get creative in his mathematics. There is a subconscious link between just about every field of study on the planet, so give yourself a well-rounded education on a wide range of topics. You’ll be amazed by how learning something totally new and unrelated can shift your way of thinking and help you get creative with your thought processes.

Don’t Waste Time

How much time do you think Einstein would spend on Facebook or Angry Birds if he lived today? Most of his time was spent working, studying, daydreaming, or practicing his violin. Don’t dedicate your time or your valuable brain resources to time-wasters, but cut them out of your life. You don’t have to fill every hour of your day with work or study, but instead do things that sharpen your brain--such as puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, Rubik’s cube, and more.

Observe the World Around You

Don’t just walk through the world with unseeing eyes, but really OBSERVE everything. Watch the way the wind blows that piece of garbage, the way the trees stretch toward the sun, and how your favorite food smells. Start dissecting everything in your mind. The more observant you are of the world around you, the more hidden meaning you will find.

Study Up

Want to become a genius like Einstein? Much of his time was spent sharpening his math skills and studying new things. If you have the potential to be a genius, study the things that are your natural area of expertise. It takes hours of study to become an expert, and only once you’re an expert can you really start to get creative and think like a genius!


Raw talent like Einstein’s comes around once in a generation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to hone your genius like he did. The tips above will help you become a genius like Einstein.