How to Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The term Lifestyle Entrepreneur was coined by Lewis Howes, who is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur as well as a former pro athlete and author. A lifestyle entrepreneur is a modern-day business person who earns a living through online enterprises. It is important to note that the business is built around your lifestyle and not the other way around.

This type of business individual does not have a need for a traditional “brick and mortar” location and can operate the business from anywhere in the world. Several important factors are needed to succeed: an Internet connection, a laptop or tablet, perseverance and networking “know-how”. There are several steps that you can take to become a lifestyle entrepreneur, and this article will address them.

1. Choose Your Specific Niche

In order to get started as a lifestyle entrepreneur, you first need to choose your specific niche or area of expertise. For example, some lifestyle entrepreneurs utilize a passive income method like David Wood from Empower Network. Others partner with online distribution companies like Jim and Mary Jo Burke, founders of J&M Enterprises. Another niche to enter as a lifestyle entrepreneur is as a life coach like Tony Robbins or Stephen Covey. They help individuals reach their peak performance level and offer leadership and life skills training and empowerment coaching.

You may fall into one of the miscellaneous categories like Chris Guillebeau (author and blogger), Pat Flynn (online business owner and speaker) and Tim Ferris (investor, advisor and fitness guru). Choose a niche that allows you to work every day in a field you are specifically skilled and passionate about.

2. Construct a Solid Online Foundation

The second step is to create an online hub where you can be easily found on the internet. You need to create a user-friendly website and start writing a daily or weekly blog. Get active in all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. People need to know where to be able to interact with you. Additionally, you should add Google AdWords (pay per click advertising) or Google AdSense (free, displayed targeted ads) to your blog and website. As you regularly add new content to both sites—especially to your blog—you will have the chance to begin to earn revenue through these online programs as people visit your site and click the ads.

Additionally, the larger your blog, the more you will get noticed by bigger companies who will pay you to have their business advertised on your site. Remember to ensure that your website and blog are clutter-free, all links are easily accessible and that the download time for your sites is quick. You can read this blog post from to find out how to improve your website’s download speed and improve your conversion rate. Even if you are getting a lot of visitors, if no one is converting into customers, clients or users of your website, you are not succeeding as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

3. Create Content to Expand Your Audience

In order to gain exposure and expand your audience, you need to create effective content that is valuable to your visitors, customers, clients etc. If you are not creating content that is of value, you will not grow your audience at an exponential rate. Growing your audience at an exponential rate is correlated to your income potential and further exposure. So, work on honing your skill set and crafting the most pertinent content for your specific audience. In addition to maintaining a website and writing a blog, you should consider starting a YouTube Channel or at least begin posting videos on YouTube several times a month. Once you get more comfortable and at ease in front of your viewers, you can decide if posting in a weekly YouTube channel is right for your specific goals.

You can also begin to record podcasts or secure guest spots on popular podcasts to increase your exposure. Many lifestyle entrepreneurs frequently guest on other popular blogs and also write articles for major online publications. Find the best exposure outlet that works within your current skill set and goals. You can also offer free content through your website and blog for visitors to download. For example, write an eBook on a topic in your field and let people download the PDF version for free from your site. Everyone likes to get something for free, and it will get them interested in more of your “paid for” content.

4. Find Your Own Specific Method

It is true that you can learn valuable information by following those lifestyle entrepreneurs who have already succeeded. However, you need to find a balance in following them and not becoming exactly like them.

You need to find your own way in the online world that showcases your unique talents and sets you apart from the crowd. The people, who learn how to tap into their uniqueness, are the individuals who skyrocket to success. Overnight success does not happen for everyone. However, success will happen when you figure out your unique style and make it shine. After all it is about your lifestyle.

5. Find a Mentor & Review Your Process

After you have begun this process, see if you can find someone in your professional network who would be interested in becoming a mentor to you. It is always a valuable asset to have a mentor and encourager on your team. It is important to review your online business to ascertain what is working and what is not working.

This evaluation needs to be completed with an open mind and honest intentions to further develop as an entrepreneur. You need to be able to accept constructive criticism and make changes where needed. Once you have grown as a professional and become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, you can return the favor and mentor someone else who is just starting out—and continue the cycle of success.

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There are many benefits to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur. Perhaps the most important of which is that for the most part, you get to live your life the way you want. However, there are also many challenges that you will face. The entrepreneurs who can forge ahead through those obstacles will succeed and become successful lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Would you love to build your business around your lifestyle rather than the other way around? Your thoughts and comments below please...