How to Become a Mac Genius

How to Become a Mac Genius

It’s not called the “Cult of Mac” for nothing. Apple fans are rabid. Hardcore. They line up outside Apple Stores for hours - even overnight - when a new product is about to be launched. They adamantly defend the company against all naysayers and criticism. It is a either love (i.e. worship) or hate them.

If you fall in the former category, you might want to consider a job working for them. What could be better? You can take your love and admiration and apply it to your career. Apple has a corporate side, and a retail side, and it is in the retail stores scattered all over the world that you could make your mark.

Think you have the chops? Could you become...a Mac Genius?

Mac Genius?

Hyperbole aside, a “Mac Genius” is essentially a tech support worker at the Genius Bar in most Apple retail locations. Your job is to offer help, advice, and support for a variety of tech issues related to the full line of Apple products (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV). A customer comes in with a question or problem, and you fix or address it. Apple product knowledge, people skills, problem-solving abilities are key.

Before Your Search

You may want to consider a few upgrades to your credentials before you look and apply for an actual position. Apple offers a number of training and certification programs for their product and software line. Taking one (or several) and having that on your resume will definitely help you rise above the crowd in the early stages.

Where to Look

Mac Genius is a job, and like any other job, you need to first find an open position. This can be done via the Apple website for your country:

Click through the link above (or Google “Apple jobs [your country]”) to see the list of available positions and locations.

On the website, Mac Genius is described as bringing customers “swift resolutions to their technical problems.” You’re also responsible for educating your team members about products, and maintaining your own technical and product know-how. The key qualifications, as listed by Apple, are:

  • Strong people skills and a knack for problem solving
  • Ability to maintain composure and customer focus while troubleshooting and solving technical issues
  • Ability to adhere to a schedule of customer appointments

At the bottom of the job description, you’ll see a blue “Submit Resume” button. Click that and enter your Apple ID and password (the same one you use for iTunes). Once you’ve done so, you’ll be taken through a series of informational fields and questions related to the job (locations, experience, options, questionnaire, and review & submit). Fill in the required details, submit, and wait.

The Next Step(s)

If you’re online resume/profile makes the cut, you’ll be contacted by your local (or chosen) retail store and invited to what’s called the “Hiring Seminar” or “Hiring Event”. Competition for positions is fierce, so bring your game face. These events include group interviews, team building activities (they want to see your interpersonal skills, so make sure to stand out here), and 1-on-1 discussions. You’ll also likely complete a written “test” to gauge your Apple knowledge and skill level.  

Many of the questions - according to past interviewees - are heavily slanted towards customer service, so be prepared by researching standard questions and preparing your answers.

You may also experience one or more telephone interviews before the day itself. Apple takes its hiring very seriously.

It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks between submitting your online resume, completing the various steps, and getting a job offer.

More Training

An offer doesn’t mean you’re finished. Mac Geniuses go through extensive training before hitting the retail floor. Seminars, tests, lessons, workshops...the entire process is kind of “top secret”.

But make it through, and you get to don the blue t-shirt and lanyard. And you’re allowed to call yourself a genius. How many retail positions can make that claim?

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