How to Become a Music Production Manager in the US

Music production managers work for production companies where they oversee a range of activities involved in releasing a song. They market new songs and work on artist development by recruiting new artists and organizing promotional events. To become a music production manager, you should be very good at working with people and possess a degree in management.

The Work

Music production managers perform a number of tasks aimed at helping singers and musicians pursue successful careers. Their duties include:

  • Handling relationships between artists and their record labels
  • Providing information about the release dates of songs to media outlets
  • Distributing copies of new songs to media stations
  • Promoting artists using social media campaigns and other tools
  • Liaising with promoters on behalf of the artists
  • Working with tour managers to organize large tours on behalf of the artists
  • Ensuring promotion and distribution activities are completed within the budget

Work Environment

This is a job that combines office work and travel almost in equal measure. Music production managers hold meetings with clients in the offices and hit the road when managing tours.

Although these managers have regular 9am to 5pm work schedules, you can expect to often work late into the evening and during the weekends.


The average annual salary for music production managers is:


Average annual wage

Music production manager


Source: Simply Hired

Entry Requirements

To become a music production manager, you should complete a bachelor’s degree program in fields such as:

  • Arts management
  • Music production
  • Music management

These programs cover units such as the business of music, copyright law and management, all which help students to become competent music production specialists.

You can also get the job with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing, as long as you have some experience in areas such as:

  • Product management
  • Dealing with intellectual property licensors
  • Managing and marketing budgets
  • Analyzing market dynamics and sales trends

Since this is a senior role, many music production managers begin as music producers or tour managers and work their way up.

Important Skills and Abilities

To become a successful music production manager you should have:

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  • A good business sense
  • Good networking skills
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Good time management skills
  • An interest in music
  • An awareness of laws and regulations governing the music industry

Career Development

After getting a job, you can pursue a master’s degree in music business, music technology or music production to enhance your career progression chances.

You can also join professional associations, such as North America Performing Arts Managers and Agents to access networking opportunities. It is essential to note that there is fierce competition for employment in the music industry. Networking helps you to build connections with artists and other industry professionals.

It is also important to keep up to date with trends in the music industry and adjust your marketing and production management strategies accordingly.

Job Opportunities

Music production managers primarily work for music production and performing arts companies. As they gain more industry experience and build a strong client base, many of them proceed to establish their own production or artist management companies.

Useful Links

Finally, the employment of music production managers will experience only a 3 percent growth from 2012 through 2022, according to the BLS. It takes determination and your networking ability to get this job and succeed. So focus on nurturing your interpersonal skills, as well as gaining relevant experience.

Despite the low level of growth if you have a passion for music and the necessary skills then this might be the career for you.

Image: Blue House Media