How to Become a Personal Assistant for Celebrities

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If you possess exceptional organizational skills and would like to work with those on the top of the creative heap, then serving as a celebrity’s personal assistant is ideal for you. You handle matters of top confidentiality hence discretion is highly valued in this profession. Celebrity personal assistants are supposed to mesh with their bosses’ personalities despite how difficult they may be.

What Do Celebrity Personal Assistants Do?

As a celebrity personal assistant, you ensure that your boss is entirely abreast of all the daily activities and make sure that all the activities run smoothly. Your duties include but are not limited to:

·         Monitoring, reading and answering the boss’s email

·         Establishing correspondence on employer’s behalf

·         Handling queries and answering calls

·         Assigning on behalf of the employer

·         Liaising with clients, staff and other people

·         Handling the principal’s diary

·         Attending meeting on behalf of the employer

·         Booking meetings

·         Writing minutes

·         Managing budget

·         Updating websites

·         Managing projects

·         Writing executive summaries, newsletters and reports

·         Preparing presentations


Earnings for celebrity PAs can be great. However, it is highly dependent on the principal the PA is working for. For instance, you might work not earn a good salary working for a B-list celebrity whose income is not that huge or a stingy A-list celebrity. However, be sure to make a fortune working for a generous megastar and rank just as the B-list celebrities. Apart from the money, there are other benefits associated with being a celebrity’s personal assistant such first class travel, staying in wonderful 5-star hotels, movie premieres, and opportunities to meet other celebrities. On average, celebrities’ personal assistants earn over $100,000 annually.


As a celebrity PA, you are required to dress the part hence an outstanding sense of style and fashion is recommended. You are responsible for the purchase of your principal’s luxury goods hence you need to have a good taste and be conversant with the architecture, arts, antiques, design and jewelry. You are also required to be:

·         Confident

·         Enthusiastic

·         Assertive

·         Self-starter

·         Diplomatic

·         Tenacious

·         Able to use internet and other computer software


According to research, a large number of celebrities attribute more than 40% of their success to their Pas. Surprisingly, not all principals prefer Pas with formal training. However, PAs are expected to maintain their effectiveness and relevance in their respective duties. Therefore, keeping up with the emergent celebrity practices, cultivating business knowledge and adding value to roles will give prospective PAs a competitive advantage.

Attending PA training will equip  candidates with the latest proven practices. They will also be able to up their game and develop ways to offer the best services to their principals. One can pursue the Executive Personal Assistant Training Course which offers them enlightenment on the best practices and professional development. Candidates can also take the Advanced Executive PA Masterclass Course increase their job prospects.

Career Prospects

Rock stars and actors are not the only celebrities who need personal assistants. You can opt to work for professional athletes, bestselling authors, directors, politicians, motivational speakers, millionaires, wealthy families… basically any individual with enough money to hire a personal assistant. Therefore, working for someone in a field of your precedence is a good way to go because you will have more to offer in a field you are more knowledgeable about.

Opportunities for celebrity PAs are on the rise due to an increase in the number of activities required to be done by these individuals. Therefore, aspiring celebrity PAs should invest in networking channels as this will expose them to celebrities on the search for personal assistants.