How to Become a Qualified Environmental Professional

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Do you aspire to have safe living and working conditions, then you should consider becoming an environmental professional. Environmental professionals are specialists and scientists who are skilled in natural sciences and are responsible for safeguarding the environment and human health as a whole.

What Do Environmental Specialists Do?

Typical duties for environmental professionals include but are not limited to:

  •          Determining data collection strategies for investigations, projects and surveys
  •          Collecting and compiling environmental data from food, soil and water samples for scientific evaluation
  •          Analyzing surveys, samples and other info to assess environmental threats
  •          Developing plans to inhibit, control and fix ecological problems such as water pollution
  •          Providing guidance and information to businesses, government officials and the entire public on the impending environmental hazards and accompanying health risks
  •          Preparing technical presentations and reports that give explain their findings


Environmental professionals work on average of 35-39 hours a week, Monday-Friday. However, they may occasionally be required to work overtime and also during weekends. Their earnings depend on their level of service.

Environmental health technicians


Qualified EHO


Environmental health managers

Up to £45,000

Source: NCS


To serve well as a qualified environmental professional, you need to have the following imperative qualities:

  •          Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  •          Good negotiation skills
  •          Attention to detail
  •          Comprehension of the legislation procedures and requirements
  •          Outstanding technical and scientific understanding
  •          Aptitude to investigate, evaluate and offer solutions to environmental problems
  •          Tact and assertiveness
  •          Ability to lead, work alone and as part of a group.


20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Most employers prefer candidates who secured at least a bachelor’s degree natural science or any related course such as chemistry, biology, geosciences, physics or engineering. However, you might require a masters’ degree for advancement. Alternatively, you can start working as an environmental health technician and move high the hierarchy. This will require you to have at least four GCSEs as well as English, Math and a science. Previous experience working in the health and safety field might be an added advantage.

With a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue postgraduate degree in course in environmental health that will provide you with training in the following areas:

  •          Environmental law and practice
  •          Public health and housing
  •          Food science safety
  •          Workplace health and safety
  •          Environmental protection

To practice as a qualified environmental professional you need to:

  •          Finish work-based learning either as a trainee environmental professional or through a work placement as a degree course requirement
  •          Possess a training logbook throughout you work-based training referred to as PPP or ELP
  •          Pass the CIEH test

On successful completion of these stages, you gain full qualification ad receive a Certificate of Registration from EHRB. Working as a qualified environmental professional, you should keep updated with new developments in this career. Since you travel a lot, you are required to have a valid driving license.

Career Prospects

According to the National Careers Service, job opportunities for environmental scientists and projected to increase up to 1,760,000 by 2020 in the UK. This is due to the rise in public interest in the problems facing the surrounding as well as the increase in the demands exerted on the environment by the growing population.

There are many job opportunities for these professionals with the local councils and even the private sector. Placements might be publicized in the national and local press, by various employers. With experience, you can assume the role of an environmental health consultant whereby you offer advice on environmental health law.

If you want a job that gives you variety, this career is ideal for you.





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