How to Become a Ramp Agent

A Ramp Agent is crucial to effective and smooth airline operations. They are not only responsible for the transfer for all baggage or cargo to the correct aircraft and then delivering the baggage to the right place in the terminal, but also the safety of the ramp area and servicing/marshalling the aircraft.

What is the Role of a Ramp Agent?

The main duties of a Ramp Agent:

  • Load and unload cargo or baggage
  • Sort and transfer cargo or baggage
  •  Safety and security on the ramp
  • Following ground handling procedure safely
  • Maintain and operate ground services equipment
  • Comply with airline procedures and policies
  • Communicate with ground staff and flight crew

Some tasks that you may be required to do are:

  • Marshall the aircraft
  • Use the tug to aid aircraft pushback
  • De-ice the aircraft
  • Service of aircraft e.g. water and lavatory service
  • Monitor customer safety during boarding and disembarking

Basic Requirements and Qualifications

A Ramp Agent should have a high school education and a driving license and be a minimum of 18 years old. They should also be able to complete a background check for security purposes. Basic computer skills are useful as is a dangerous goods certification. Customer service and baggage handling experience are an advantage.

Essential skills that a Ramp Agent should have are:

  • Excellent communication and teamwork
  • Ability to lift 32 kg
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Be flexible and reliable
  • Have good time management
  • Work on their own initiative
  • Strong health and safety awareness

How to Apply

Some Ramp Agent jobs are advertised directly by the airport or through an airline. Jobs will also be advertised on specialist aviation job websites, especially within corporate aviation or if for a ground handler. Many people will work their way up to the role from the baggage handler position.

Hours, Salary and Benefits

As a Ramp Agent, you will work both inside and outside at the airport (in any weather) as well as liaising on the aircraft. You would normally work a 40 hour a week shift with overtime and at any time of the day and during holidays.

Salary is made up of basic, plus overtime.


Minimum P.A.

Maximum P.A

New Ramp Agent



Experienced Ramp Agent



 Other benefits may include health and life insurance, staff travel and pension, depending on the operator or airline.

Future Opportunities

 You could be promoted to a supervisory or manager position within the baggage handling department. Jobs are quite plentiful as Ramp Agents are necessary to the airline and the airport although sometimes turnover can be high due to the workload.