How to Become a Sales Manager in the UK

How to Become a Sales Manager in the UK

Are you goal oriented and possess excellent managerial and organizational skills? You might find the career of a sales manager to be a perfect choice for you. Sales managers work in various trades where they preside over the circulation of their company’s services and products to customers which includes setting goals and quotas, and launching sales territories.

What Do Sales managers Do?

Duties carried out by sales managers include but are not limited to:

  •         Preparing budgets and approving expenditures
  •         Resolving customer complaints regarding the company’s sales and services
  •         Evaluating sales statistics
  •         Monitoring customer preferences and tastes to define the emphasis of sales efforts
  •         Assigning sales territories and setting sales quotas
  •         Planning and coordinating training programs for the sales personnel
  •         Determining special pricing plans and discount rates
  •         Projecting sales and determining the profitability of the company’s services and products
  •         Developing plans to gain new clients and customers through cold calling, direct sales techniques and business-to-business marketing approaches
  •         Handling main customer accounts
  •         Keeping abreast with competitors and products


The sales managers’ salary depends highly on their dedication, location and employer. Many companies offer these professionals a commission scheme that varies with the industry, experience or market sector. The salary package is also inclusive of the expenses and travel allowance.



Annual  salary

Starting manager



Experienced manager



Top manager


Over £70,000

Source: NCS


As a sales manager, you need to have the following important qualities:

  •         Good customer service skills
  •         Ability to work alone and as part of a group
  •         Good judgmental and decision making skills
  •         Excellent managerial and instructing skills
  •         Excellent written and oral communication skills
  •         Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail
  •         Ability to plan and maintain a budget
  •         Familiarity with IT and report writing skills
  •         Excellent coaching and mentoring skills, and service orientation
  •         Ability to perform negotiations in a skilful way


Entry levels for this career require candidates to have a good record of accomplishing targets and verified experience in sales. On reaching the management level, their employers consider their market knowledge, track record and sales and management experience to be more important than scholarly training. Sales managers receive on-the-job training to acquaint them to the company they are working for. For some trades such as engineering or hi-tech scientific equipment, potential employers might prefer candidates who have earned at least a HND or degree in a relevant specialty. If you are skilled in manufacturing or designing the items your team are selling, you might be considered for a post in the specialist sales management section.

There are many professional qualifications available for those who want to enhance their management skills and back up their experience. For instance, you can take the following courses:

With enough training and experience as a sales manager, you might also consider the sales director roles and enhance your qualifications to boost your employability.

Career Prospects

There are many job opportunities for sales managers in all markets and industries including dealers in manufacturing, consumer and wholesale distribution goods. These jobs are publicized through recruitment agencies, trade publications for specific industries and sales recruitment agencies. According to the NCS, there will be about 2,260,000 jobs for these professionals by 2020 in the UK.

If you wish to earn a living using your enthusiasm and management skills to motivate others in a business environment, this career is fit for you!