How to Become a Sales Representative for Printed Advertising in the US

Are you able to react speedily to sales opportunities while administering routine sales errands in a target driven atmosphere? You should consider working as a sales representative for printed advertising. These professionals are responsible for selling advertising space to individuals and businesses in print publications.

What Do Sales representatives for Printed Advertising Do?

Typically, these professionals’ duties include but are not limited to:

  •         Locating and contacting potential clients to deliberate on their organization’s advertising services
  •         Providing clients with estimates of the expenditure of advertising services and products
  •         Explaining to clients how their particular advertising services will help boost their services and products in the most efficient manner possible
  •         Processing all paperwork and correspondence related to accounts
  •         Recommending relevant formats and sizes for formatting
  •         Delivering illustration or advertising proofs to clients for their consent
  •         Preparing promotional media kits, plans, sales contracts and sales literature
  •         Informing clients on available advertising art, features or formats and provide previous work samples to convince other clients
  •         Preparing and delivering sales presentations to both existing and new clients


Earnings for sales representatives for printed advertising depend on their employers, experience and location. Generally, all advertising agents take home a good salary which is performance-based and are open to commissions and bonuses.



Lowest 10 percentile




Top 10 percentile

Annual salary



20 percent discount
20 percent discount




Source: BLS


As a sales representative for printed advertising, you need to have the following imperative qualities:

  •         Reading comprehension
  •         Good math skills
  •         Excellent communication skills
  •         Active learning skills to understand the impact of new information for both future and current decision-making and problem-solving processes
  •         Proper negotiation skills to reconcile differences and bring others together
  •         Service orientation
  •         Social perceptiveness to understand other people’s reactions and concerns
  •         Outstanding instructing and persuasion abilities
  •         Ability to manage financial resources


For entry levels in this career, you need at least a high school diploma. However, most employers prefer candidates who have attained at least a college degree in related areas such as:

However, these requirements are likely to be waived if a candidate has a proven record of practice in selling other products.

Much of the training occurs on the job. It can either be formal or informal. Newly hired sales representatives receive on-the-job training from experienced sales managers. During this training, supervisors normally coach them and observe as they contact clients and make sales calls. These supervisors then guide them on how to make their interaction with clients better. Employers might also invite consultants to conduct formal training sessions when agents are required to sell to a specified market sector such real estate.

With a strong sales record and proven leadership quality, these sales representatives might advance to managerial and supervisory posts such as account executives, sales manager, or even vice president of sales. They might also serve in higher trades such as corporate sales.

Career Prospects

Sales representatives for printed advertising are open to brighter prospects. According to BLS, advertising sales agents expect a steady increase in employment opportunities in this field. This is due to the reliance of media companies on advertising revenue for lucrativeness. Additionally, the entire advertising field is bound to grow rapidly due to the growth of other industries.

If you have a resilient understanding of the rapidly changing advertising world and a strong awareness of media and marketing, this career is perfect for you.

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