How to Become a Savvy Epicor User

Software solutions for businesses retailed by Epicor are regularly updated to meet the evolving needs of you, the consumer. Since such business technology is constantly changing, you should be able to keep abreast with all these developments in order to manage or maintain a successful venture. There are various ways in which you can become adept in your use of Epicor products.

Use Online Resources

Since Epicor is a computer software package, your engagement with information available online is imperative towards becoming an astute user of the programs offered. A simple Google search for ‘Epicor’ gives you dozens of results for the product you are interested in learning about. Most of the information is suitable if you are a first time user hoping to improve your knowledge, or a professional seeking to build on your skills with the software.

Be Part of Discussions

Still with online resources, you can find discussion groups where you meet other business owners utilizing Epicor software. Discussion groups give you more specific information. You can click through different topics and obtain the necessary details you need to be able to apply in your organization. You can put any questions or problems you have with the software and other users will assist you by answering them and helping you find various solutions.

Follow Reviews

There are various websites and magazines that focus on giving in-depth reviews and analysis of how software retailed by Epicor works. Through them, you can also contribute information and exchange details with other subscribers and get to know how they use the different applications offered by Epicor. This information will help you to expand your business.

Take Classes on the Internet

Some websites offer classes and tutorials online to help you use Epicor business software. You can attend these from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. The classes are not more than an hour long, taught over a period determined by the platform you subscribe to and cover lessons ranging from System Basics to Inventory and Purchasing. What’s more, Epicor, through its website, also offers such tutorials.

Join an EpicorUser Group

While there are various online platforms that keep you abreast with Epicor’s line of products, the rewarding thing about being an Epicor user is the option to join user groups on the software’s website. These user groups are specific to your geographical region; therefore you get to interact with other local users and keep each other abreast with any developments, learn new skills and gain a better understanding of the software. Drop an email to Epicor with details about yourself, your business and location, and they connect you to a local user group.

 It is important that you keep yourself in the know when using Epicor’s line of business products. This knowledge is not only beneficial to you, but also in the efficient operation of your organization. With Epicor, you capitalize on your innate sense of customer service using business technology. Epicor helps you simplify complex transactions and carry out services efficiently.


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