How to Become a Shore Excursion Manager

How to Become a Shore Excursion Manager

The Shore Excursion Manager has a very strong floor presence onboard the ship and provides an excellent customer service experience to the guests whilst managing the shore excursion team. If you have a spirit of adventure and enjoy life onboard a ship, this role may be the challenge you are looking for.

What is the Role of a Shore Excursion Manager?

The main duties of a Shore Excursion Manager are:

  • To provide information and assistance regarding the shore excursion programme
  • To maximize sales and enhance the guests experience and be a point of contact
  • To present to a large audience in order to create more sales
  • To provide leadership and recognition to the shore excursion team
  • To provide excellent guest service and problem solve issues efficiently
  • To coach and manage a team effectively and use resources wisely
  • To manage the finances of the shore excursion programme

Some tasks that you will be required to do are:

  • Check tour ratings for quality assurance
  • Record sales, cost control and drive revenue
  • Communicate with the onshore office
  • Operate the shore excursions desk
  • Public relations and public announcements
  • Monitor and manage the customer journey

Basic Requirements and Qualifications

The Shore Excursion Manager should have at least 2 years experience onboard a cruise ship in either shore excursions or guest relations. Sales experience is a must and accounting experience is an advantage. Travel experience and knowledge of ports and tours is expected. You must be able to speak English and one other language is preferable.

You must have the ability to manage international staff and to be able to participate in safety and lifesaving drills. You will also need to pass a seafarer’s medical certificate.

Good qualities and skills that a Shore Excursion Manager should have are:

  • To be a good team player
  • Excellent customer service
  • High levels of accuracy
  • Flexibility and initiative
  • Negotiation skills
  • Problem solving
  • Be able to exceed expectations
  • Be organized
  • Excellent communication

How to Apply

Jobs are advertised on websites specializing in cruise ship placements as well as the companies own website. Travel job websites may also offer this role and sometimes positions may be advertised by agencies.

You may receive ‘Survival at Sea’ training and have some training onshore prior to joining your assigned ship. You will receive some safety training during your ship orientation as well as learning on the job.

Hours, Salary and Benefits

The Shore Excursion Manager works for 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week for the contract length and may be required to work extra hours to accommodate excursions, ship lectures and PR events. Potentially, you may work 8am to 8pm with a few short breaks during the day depending on duties. During port visits, you may leave the ship independently or to monitor an excursion.

Salary is on a basic monthly basis.


Minimum per month

Maximum per month

Shore Excursion Manager

1,600 GBP

2,000 GBP


Salary is usually tax free and contracts normally run 6 months on, followed by 2 months off. Some ships offer a 12 week on and 6 weeks off schedule as an alternative. Other benefits include uniform, flights to meet the ship, single accommodation and free meals. Local and ship discounts may apply.

Future Opportunities

This role is a very popular one and attracts repeat contracts due to the lifestyle and benefits, however, it is challenging and always interesting. Working on a cruise ship offers good opportunities to continue working onboard in the same or different roles such as Loyalty Manager, Future Cruise Sales Manager or Guest Relations Manager. Alternatively, you could work onshore at the company head office.

So although it clearly requires a certain type of person to take up this role it does offer many benefits. If you feel that you have all the attributes needed for this job maybe it is a sailors life for you.


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