How to Become a Software Tester for Free

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Software testing is an important skill to master if you want to become an expert programmer! Software testing ensures that the program responds to inputs correctly, is user-friendly, performs its various functions properly, runs in its intended environments, and meets the design and development requirements.

Basically, it will allow you to ensure that the product or service you are creating/offering actually runs as intended.

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If your goal is to be the most versatile programmer around, it’s definitely something to study. Here are some resources to help you learn software testing for free:

1. Udemy

Udemy offers a course created by an Indian programmer, designed for programmers of all skill levels. There are 31 lectures and more than 19 hours of video to watch, and it’s a fairly comprehensive program that provides a lot of valuable instruction on how to become a software testing rockstar. You’ll learn things like how to understand specialized testing, test design, test tools, and so much more.

2. Udacity

For intermediate-level software engineers and testers, Udacity has an excellent course called "How to Make Software Fail". The course is designed to last for about 24 hours of solid work, spaced out over 6 hours per week--roughly 1 month of work. The course looks at testing methods, how to catch bugs, and advice on building better software. It is a hands on course where students test each other’s software. As such you need to have an intermediate level of Python knowledge to take the class.

3. Microsoft Virtual Academy

While this Microsoft Virtual Academy course isn’t quite as comprehensive as some of the other resources on this list, there is a lot that you can learn from the free training videos. You’ll learn how to work with bugs, the fundamentals and methodologies of testing, how to create your own software tests, and even how to automate the tests. A very handy course to take!

4. YouTube

YouTube is a place to find information on just about everything, and you’ll love the wide range of educational resources available there!

One YouTube channel run by Guru99 has 24 videos on software testing training. All of the videos are fairly short, but they’ll teach you the basics of software testing in a visually appealing way. Guru99 also offers the same information on their website.

Portnovoschool has 7 videos--each about half an hour long--of a lecture given on software testing, test planning, documentation, and more. Definitely worth a few hours of your time.

5. Black Box Software Testing

BBST offers a complete course on software testing, and all of their materials are fully Creative Commons licensed--meaning they’re free and available to the general public.

The website is meant for use by teachers (such as the Association for Software Testing, which uses these materials as a guide) and students who want to study on their own. You’ll find that it’s a very user-friendly site, with a wealth of information to help you become a pro at software testing.

6. QA Tutor

QA Tutor was created by Roman Savin, a Software Quality Assurance Tester, and it contains a lot of information to help you learn the basics of software testing. The 12 lessons will help you get started, and while you may not become an expert from the free resources here, it’s a good primer on a very complex subject.

Use these educational resources, and you can start learning the skills needed to become a professional software tester!

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