How to Become an Assistant Bank Manager in the UK

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Have you ever considered a career in finance? Would you love to work for a banking institution? If the answer is yes then you have a chance in the banking industry. The demand for bank managers is expected to be on the rise since the number of local bank branches is also increasing and is expected to rise further in the near future.

What do bank managers do?

The key role of an assistant bank manager is to monitor and oversee the operations and running of the branch. You will be the right hand man to the bank manager so it will be your duty to pass communication from the top to your entire staff mates. It is upon you to monitor individual and group customer accounts and analyse how the customers have been transacting. These tasks are normally done on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to act as a motivator to your staff and always encourage them to work harder and smarter so as to meet targets and keep branches running smoothly.

You will also be responsible for the promotion and marketing of the bank’s products so as to bring in new clients in order to boost the bank’s profitability. Whenever clients have disputes it will be your duty to solve their disputes alongside maintaining good customer relationships.
In a nutshell, you will be required to perform the following tasks:

• Disseminating operational information
• Ordering coin and currency in order to maintain proper teller and vault cash levels
• Trouble shooting and balancing ATM/Debit Card concerns
• Educating clients on deposit, business and consumer loan products.
• Budgeting the bank’s expenses
• Creating a fool-proof daily routine that the employees can follow
• Ensuring cleanliness of the bank as well as its presentation

Working Conditions

The average working hours of a bank assistant manager are 40 hours. However, the hours are subject to the work load due to the many responsibilities that you will have as long as the bank is open.


The average salary that you will get depends on the location. What you will earn when working in a branch will differ from whatever you will earn in the head office. An assistant bank manager’s average salary is £49,500 annually. The salary is also subject to the level of experience - the more experience you have, the higher the salary and the more the benefits you are likely to receive.


Level of experience

Annual salary

Working as a trainee


Working with some experience


Working at the regional or head office management level




Source; Payscale

Entry requirements

Most people get to the management level by working their way up to the position by starting from positions such as bank cashier. You could also go through the same. You could also join the bank through a management training programme which requires you to have a good honours degree in Finance, economics, management, business studies or accounting.
In some instances there are banks that are likely to accept you with a degree in another subject or with A levels alongside some relevant work experience.

Skills and Abilities

You will make a very good assistant bank manager if you possess the following attributes;
• Have good communication skills
• Maintain professional appearance
• Have good organizational skills
• Get to know all bank products and services fully
• Have the ability to adapt to change
• Understand the local economy fully
• Be an effective decision maker

Job opportunities

The number of local banks is increasing each day thus you have a very big potential of getting a job in the banking industry because this is the key employer.

Career prospects

You require some training and a bit of experience before climbing the ladder from the position of cashier to that of the operations manager. Once you gain relevant experience, you will become an assistant bank manager and as time goes by, you will become a branch manager or a bank manager based on your experience.

Another mode of career development that you may put into use is joining an organisation as a management trainee or a graduate trainee through the graduate or management trainee program. Here you will work as a trainee and later as you acquire the relevant experience you will become an operations or loans manager. As you acquire even more experience you could become an assistant bank manager or full bank manager.

Job training

To perform the managerial roles better, it is prudent to expand your knowledge by not only relying on the training being offered at work. You can boost your know how through:

• Attending conferences and seminars on management
• Reading relevant material like newsletters, magazines, reports and books on management
• Completing of short courses
• Participating in a general management training scheme offered by your organization

If you have any interest in working in the banking industries then go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity.




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