How to Become an Employee Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Lose

Most people think that it is employee against boss, but that’s not always the case. I mean yeah you would do anything to keep your job, but you shouldn’t do it out of fear. Because your boss isn’t your enemy. Quite the contrary, your boss is the person who decides to give you a chance in the company. Your boss is the person who wants you to succeed. Your boss wants you to succeed in your job so that he doesn’t have to do the job himself.

So, if you want to become an employee your boss wouldn’t ever consider of firing, then you have to show him your real value. Here is what you need to do to to make sure that your boss will do whatever he can to keep you:

1. Be Willing to Do More

working hard

If you are a workaholic, coming early to work or working late won’t be a problem for you. This is more likely to happen when you enjoy your work as you will spend more time on it when you find that you are not meeting your own expectations. This is good considering that there might be times when you will need to do whatever it takes - including working overtime, to be able to keep up with work, especially when you are falling behind on a big deadline. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you are willing to go the extra mile to produce work.

2. Show That You Care

envisioning an idea

An employee who cares about the company is more likely to stay longer. It really is as simple as that. If you are going to work every day to just do your job, this doesn’t benefit you or your boss in any particular way. Even though you are carrying out your duties, you are still a replaceable employee. However, you can become irreplaceable once you get down to the real work. Show that you care not only about your job but for the people who are in it. Suggest changes that will help the company develop and get involved as much as you can.

3. Show Your Boss He Can Trust You

employee and boss working together

No relationship will work unless there is mutual trust. Considering that your boss has made the first step towards establishing a committed and healthy employer-to-employee relationship – which he did by hiring you, now it’s your turn to show him that this was a good call on his behalf. In simple words, you will need to convince him that you were made for the job. If he ever asks your opinion about something, let him know what you think and show that you can, and you are willing to take on more responsibilities.

4. Be a Good Co-worker

happy employees

Your suitability for the job will depend on your ability to work with other people in the company. Even though you may think this has nothing to do with the possibility of getting fired, it does. In the eyes of your employer, fitting into the work environment and working along with the rest of the team is crucial. That’s because, without teamwork, there is more likely to be no productivity, no real results, and no profits. If you want to prove to your boss you are worthy of the position you hold, make sure that you are cooperative and good to your peers.

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Your boss has already invested their money and time to make you part of the team. Now it’s up to you to make your contribution count and become an employee he will be afraid to lose.

So what could make you an irreplaceable employee? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below…