How to Become an Entertainer

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Entertainers thrill an audience with their performances. They normally perform in theaters, holiday centers, hotel clubs and other locations. If you are creative, confident and love entertaining people, you could be a successful entertainer.



The Work

As an entertainer, you can specialise in any of the following fields:

  • Children’s entertainment – Involves entertaining children by performing tricks and routines, such as storytelling
  • Circus performing – Involves performing captivating acts like acrobatics and tightrope walking
  • Comedy – Comedians entertain by telling jokes and performing comical acts
  • Magic – This kind of entertainment makes impossible things appear possible. For example, magicians make objects vanish by either using special equipment or skillful manipulation of the objects
  • Puppeteering-Involves controlling puppets and props using strings and wires.

Other forms of entertainment include singing, miming, juggling and playing music.

Regardless of the category you specialise in, your work will certainly involve the following activities;

  • Researching on new and original content for your audience
  • Rehearsing on your content and attending auditions  
  • Looking after costumes and props to use when performing
  • Managing your finances and promoting your brand


Work Conditions

If you want to be an entertainer, brace yourself for irregular working hours and frequent travelling. Although most shows are held in the evening and during weekends, you will spend your day time rehearsing or auditioning.



Income varies widely as entertainment is normally a part-time gig. On average, however, entertainers charge between £50 and £200 per show. Annually, aspiring entertainers can expect to earn;

Job level

Annual Pay

Beginning Entertainers

 £6,000 - £19,500

Established Entertainers

 £19,500 - £30,000 or more

Source: Equity

Some established entertainers can also earn more income from advertising contracts.



Entry Requirements

How about pursuing a career with holding any academic qualifications? Well, to get started as an entertainer, you only need your entertaining skills. You will also need to audition to get a gig.

At the beginning, you will perform in small stages to gain experience and build a fan base. After gaining popularity, you will need to sign up with an agent who can market your talent.

If you are a singer or comedian, you can take training in music dance and acting, respectively. This could improve your prospects of finding regular work.


Important Skills and Abilities

To become a successful entertainer you need;

  • Confidence to face the large masses of people during performances
  • A desire to entertain people
  • Creativity to develop original content for your audience
  • Good time management skills
  • Determination to succeed despite the stiff competition in the industry
  • Ability to adapt to changes in the entertainment industry and accept criticism


Career Development

As you continue performing, you will gain more experience and develop your skills. You can attend training workshops and summer schools administered by theater schools and art centers.

You could also get training and funding from the Total Theatre Network, as well as the following arts councils;


Job Opportunities

As an entertainer, you could work for;

  • Holiday centres
  • Social clubs
  • Film production companies
  • TV and radio stations
  • Theatres.

There is strong competition in the entertainment industry. As you begin this career, it is advisable to have another source of income. After establishing yourself and securing the services of an agent, you can then focus on being an entertainer.


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Finally, this career affords you the chance to convert your talents into cash. The best part is; if you are exceptional in what you do, there are several opportunities to take the entertainment industry by storm!