How to Become More Organised at Work

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We all we want to do the best we can be to impress our boss, get a raise and get a promotion that will push us to the top.

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To reach the top of the world, it’s essential that you become more organised at work because how else are you to be trusted with more responsibilities? To convince your boss that you are worthy of a raise and a promotion they need to perceive you as an individual who’s on top of their game. If you are always panicking because you are about to miss a deadline or if you keep forgetting things, they are never going to be able to trust you. So to get on your boss’ good side, you need to be that one employee who never loses it and who’s always well-organized. Here’s how to become more organized at work:

1. Make To-Do lists for Everything

However much we’d like to, there’s no way you can add hours to the day, but there is something that you can do to manage your time more effectively, and that’s to make to do lists for everything.

I’m sure you know that super-organized people live and breathe for to-do lists, but do you know that the reason that they are so well-organized is precisely because of those to-do lists? As counterproductive as it may seem to waste your time to become more productive, it’s important that you take 10 to 15 minutes every day to get your to-do lists in order. This will ensure that your day will run as smoothly as possible, and it will also help ensure that you don’t forget about anything.

Admittedly, making a to-do list might overwhelm you and make you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that’s on your list but that’s where the following step fits in.

2. Prioritize

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Prioritizing is an essential step of making lists as it ensures that you don’t get a panic attack, and it also makes using to-do lists more effective. Prioritizing it’s just a matter of deciding what tasks need to be done asap and what tasks can wait.

If you have any pending deadlines, or if anyone else’s work is depending on your work make those tasks your priority and put them on top of your list. This alone should make things pretty simple; the next step is to decide if there are any tasks that need to be done today and if there are things that can wait till tomorrow.

It’s important to note however that you shouldn’t prioritize your tasks solely focusing on deadlines and time-bound tasks, it’s also important to consider which tasks on your list can help you impress your boss. Remember that your boss can make or break you so anything that can help you be more visible to your boss’ should be tackled quite early on.

3. Multi-Tasking Is Not the Answer

We’ve all been there, in the face of too many things to do, we think that juggling lots of things at the same time is the answer. However, multi-tasking can have negative effects on our work and brain. In fact, research has found that multi-tasking lowers your IQ. It was in fact proven that multi-taskers were slower than people who liked to do one thing at a time, and that they performed worse. Therefore, it’s obvious that you should avoid multi-tasking if you want to get things done.

Take the time to complete each task before you before moving on to the next one. This will keep your brain focused on the task before you and it will also ensure that you produce better results than you otherwise would.

4. Have a Weekly Power Hour

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Unfortunately, for all of us, there are far too many distractions in the workplace, and they often get in the way of our work, so it’s important to take the time every now and then to focus on your work and on the progress you’ve been making in your career. This hour can make you more productive than a whole day’s work.

Although you should try and get important tasks out of the way during this hour, you can also use it to let your creative juices flowing which can get you points with your boss. You can also take this time to review your career milestones and see if you are close to what you want to achieve or if you are far away from where you thought you’d be by this point.

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The journey to success doesn’t have to be long as long you organize it well, and the first step you need to take is to organize yourself at work. Keep in mind that the more organized you are at work, the more on top of your game you will appear, and this is a feature that all bosses love.

What else do you do to be organized at work? Share with us in the comment section below.




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