Becoming a 1%er in a Week

We all want to be rich, have so much money that we can frivolously purchase anything we want, whenever we want, even if it is a 12 ft. chocolate bunny. Well this hapless comedian set out with a mission, a mission to become a 1%er in just a week. I know it’s a crazy endeavor, but what if I told you he actually managed to accomplish it?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Yes the bearded Barry Rothbart managed to become a 1%er in just a week. Of course much like all the other 1%ers in the world it wasn’t an easy task, it demanded dedication, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. You’ve got to get your hustle on like Barry to make it.

And Barry hustled like a veteran hustler, moving out of the global 99% and into that coveted club of people that can be called 1%ers. A club so elite that only the top 1% tier is entitled to…well, that title.

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Do you think that Barry did the right thing by trying to become a 1%er? Let me know in the comment section below.