Before They Were Famous: 10 Surprising British Celebrities’ Jobs

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1. Victoria Beckham
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Clothes designer and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham once took part in a BBC sex-education programme called ‘Body Matters’. She was required to dress up as a sperm and wear roller skates.

They’re often pictured on a private beach in far flung places such as Bora Bora looking glamorous and impossibly beautiful, or on a red-carpet dripping with dazzling jewels and shimmering gowns. But life wasn’t always so easy for this list of UK celebrities. If you think your mind-numbing hours spent waiting tables at the local trattoria or temping at the stuffy solicitors’ office down the road means your life is over before it’s even begun, think again. This list of jobs held by high profile celebs in their days gone by will give you hope.




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