Behind on Your Payments

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

-Woodrow Wilson, 1919, 28th US President (1913-1921)

Of a sudden, everything hits at once. The cat’s need food; the dogs are bleeding out of their assholes; the furniture payments turn on you; the landlord requests a nearly infinite amount of cash (it might as well be) for utilities you thought you’d already paid; and it all happens just as you are handing your landlord the back-rent.

Then you show up at your house, only to find that the furniture store had sent out its goons to pick up your flat-screen, your bed, your couch and a wooden bear.

What do you do?

Before we get into that, it should be noted that it’s best to have a set of loud and wild dogs. Preferably ones that go right up to the door and scare those furniture guys right out of the driveway and on to the next place. (They’ll be so afraid that they won’t even put their neon orange notice on your doorknob, but instead will leave it in the gravel with rocks on top of it. See what happens when you have a raging dog or two?)

Anyway, the world has its price. And that goes for all of us. Nobody is immune to the structure of the dollar and all that it represents and entangles, here in the freest country on the planet. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it isn’t so easy, especially when our credit and income is coupled with bad habits, bad decisions, and an unquenchable thirst that just can’t ever seem to concede to budgeting or the weekends.

But it should be taken into consideration, the penalty one has to face (pay) when your payments for all of the shit in your life get put on hold … or maybe you just don’t feel like paying your bills.

And that is a true enough sentiment for a vast majority of the people that make up these United States. But it doesn’t make it any less real. For the repercussions of ignoring your bills and payments will only land you in a heap of shit that will grow, exponentially, to bury you.

So, for the sake of being able to breathe and operate like a human being -- it’s best to keep your financial apparatus under control. In other words, just pay these bastards.

Because, if you are going to refuse to come to terms with your financial obligations, then there really isn’t any gray area on this matter. You either pay, or you don’t.

And if you don’t? Well, what might your options be?

You could remove yourself from this country. But what is that really going to solve? What if you can never again return to the land where you were born? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Though for the sake of the argument, let’s just say that you don’t want to run from your lack of responsibility. (Or maybe ask yourself is it really so irresponsible to not want to pay for anything? An excellent question.)

So you say that you want to stay and meet head-on all the adult-like anchors and weights that seemingly make us so mature. Great. You’d better learn to put money aside -- to save it. And, thus, you might save yourself from a great deal of trouble.

Having a savings account is a typical requirement of modern living. It means that you are putting money away, realizing that you have to constantly deal with the future and all that it is bound to cost. Nothing is free. Except for love!

But you can’t pay your bills by smothering them with affection.

Just get used to the idea of giving your money away. Everybody does it. It is an accepted practice, in this, The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We’re all doing it. So you should too.

If you end up getting behind on your payments -- for the car, the loans, the house, the rent -- take it in stride. That doesn’t mean that you should cower and kowtow (huh?) to your creditors to the point of being a lame duck. Keep your sanity. And retain your dignity. Everybody gets behind on something, at some point in their lives.

Maybe it gives you a chance to remind yourself that you are human. And on that, on this planet, we are slowly being taught to feel and think of ourselves as working mules, whose supreme purpose in life is to work to eat to live.

It’s not true! Only there are shackles and blinders being thrown over our eyes to make us feel less significant than what we really are.

Not being able to pay your debt, or what you owe, does not make you a bad person. Simply it makes you human.

So don’t forget that humans make mistakes.

It’s okay to be reminded of that, every once in a while.

And for those that never get behind on their bills … I’d like you to meet your new robotic replacement.

No, I’m only kidding.

Image Sourced: Broke