Behind the Scenes: Deloitte’s Assessment Centre

Behind the Scenes: Deloitte’s Assessment Centre Business News

If you are a graduate and interested in working for Deloitte, you will find this article particularly useful. This video from Green Turn explains how Deloitte carries out an assessment centre as part of their recruitment process. Also, it refers to the core competencies Deloitte is looking for in candidates so that you are better prepared to reflect on these once you make your application with the company!

An assessment centre may consist of numerous parts such as an interview, a presentation, an in-tray exercise, a group activity or even a social event. Deloitte’s assessment centre, however, comprises of two in-tray exercises, a group exercise and two aptitude tests completing the four stages of the selection day:

  1. In-tray Exercise 1: Virtual Office
  2. In-tray Exercise 2: Written Report
  3. Role play exercise
  4. Aptitude Tests: Numerical and Verbal Reasoning

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If you want to work for Deloitte, check out the video above. It will help you prepare for their assessment centre and increase your chances of getting your dream job!