Being a Happy Camper at Work

Being happy at work is almost as unheard of as leprechauns dancing on the rainbow. It has become a myth, an emotion that we all long for but only the lucky ones experience. If you feel depressed, discouraged and negative about your workplace, it is important to address the issue and make a conscious change. Many people love their actual job but are unhappy about their work environment – whether it is due to bullying colleagues or poor management.

I’m a Graduate! Get me out of here…

As a graduate, you may feel overwhelmed and isolated at work. There are number of contributing factors, for example:

  • You are the youngest at work
  • You have less experience therefore require a training period
  • You are not sure about your expectations
  • You are given unclear instructions

Regardless of what is causing you stress and pressure, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Majority of graduates feel the heavy weight of expectations when they start their first job, with many opting to quit within their first month. It is advised not to make this decision as it is most likely a testing period to assess you capabilities as an employee.

Learn how to go with the flow, matching the stride of your fellow colleagues and meeting the goals you are set. The following are a few tips on how to be a happy graduate in the workplace:

#1 Make up your mind

Sometimes we have to make a conscious effort to be happy. Set your mind on seeing the positive and you will feel invincible. Happiness is a feeling that you can conquer, so make it your mission to achieve it.

#2 Love what you do

At the start of their new job role, a number of graduates feel alienated and unsatisfied as it may not be what they expected. Acknowledge the learning curve and try to love every step of the way. This will help you build a positive atmosphere and be happy.

#3 Set goals for yourself

Regardless of the goals your management sets for you, you should set yourself some personal professional goals. By doing so, graduates can have job satisfaction from even the small achievements rather than wait to hit the big targets.