Belfie Sticks Promise to Transform Your Butt into a Work of Art

We haven’t even got used to using selfie sticks,  and now another gadget comes to complement the collection of ‘selfie’ products. The Belfie stick. Yes!  This is an actual product someone has bothered to create. For those of you who are plausibly wondering how this idea came into life, here is all you need to know: The belfie stick (combination of the words butt + selfie) is actually an extension of the selfie stick trend which took the UK market by storm. A U.S. firm has created this new gadget to help ass enthusiasts share pictures of their backsides with little physical effort. You can now shoot your butt without the need of a mirror. Just take your preferred position and shoot your backside without the fear of dropping your phone.

This amazing piece of innovation made up of a 40-inch retractable and  bendable rod comes with a Bluetooth button and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows.

The belfie stick was launched by photo sharing social network’s CTO Kevin Deegan said: “We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one.”

The product can be preordered for just over £53.

Want to find out more interesting stuff about this new crazy trend? Then check out the video!