How to Benefit from an Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) Certificate

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Tax professionals help organizations to navigate the often complex world of tax regulations. They perform all sorts of tax calculations, prepare reports and keep an eye on changes in tax codes. As an aspiring or practicing tax professional, obtaining the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) certificate can make a huge difference in your career. Read on to learn how to benefit from this credential.

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1. Acquiring the Certificate

Before you can reap the benefits of the ATT certificate, you must go through the process of acquiring it. Other than being at least 16 years old, there are no other strict requirements that can prevent you from pursuing the credential.

Firstly, you need to register as a student through the ATT website and pay the registration fees (£135 as of May 2015). During the registration, you will need to submit the name of a sponsor. He or she could be a:

  • Current or previous employer
  • Business partner
  • A member of a recognized professional legal, accounting or taxation body
  • The head of a secondary school, college or university (only for applicants aged 21 years).

Once your registration is accepted, study for the certificate and sit an examination that covers topics such as personal taxation, business taxation and accounting principles, corporate taxation, VAT and inheritance tax.

For more information, visit the ATT.

2. Improved Employment Prospects

Although the National Careers Service reports that there will be thousands of employment opportunities for all business professionals through 2020, you can still find yourself jobless for a long time if you don’t have the right credentials. The ATT certificate enables you to standout in a crowd of applicants looking for taxation jobs. This is because the certificate is respected throughout the business and financial sector.

If you are already in employment, then this credential heightens your career advancement prospects. Should an opening occur in a senior taxation position, you stand a higher chance of securing the promotion.

3. Increased Professional Reputation

Being a respected credential, there is no doubt the ATT certificate is bound to enhance your professional reputation. You will gain bragging rights over your colleagues or peers who are yet to obtain the credential. As a result, they will treat you as a reputable source of information on various taxation matters. If a tax calculation beats a colleague, for instance, don’t be surprised if she or he comes over for assistance!

Besides, you can use the designative letters ‘ATT’ after your name.

4. Access to Professional Development Opportunities

With the ATT certificate and at least two years of taxation experience, you can apply to become a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians. ATT membership comes with a host of benefits, including free Tolley’s annual tax guide and Bloomsbury’s tax rates and tables. You will also secure invites to national taxation conferences and other industry events where you can interact with other taxation professionals and grow your professional network.

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So these are some of the crucial benefits you can get once obtaining the ATT certificate. If you are a holder of this credential, please feel free to share any other benefits that come with it.