How to Benefit from Taking a Break from Blogging

Blogging is a creative way to share your insight and knowledge on a particular topic. Whether you’re a mommy blogger or blogging about personal finance, you might develop a loyal fan base. And depending on the success of your blog, blogging might become a source of monthly income.

But with any type of writing job, work may start to consume your time. Even if you’re not actually writing, you might be researching new topic ideas, educating yourself and commenting on other blogs to increase traffic. And if you’re not careful, blogging might slowly take over your life.

Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a healthy balance. And sometimes, the secret is taking a break from blogging. Here’s a look at simple ways to benefit from taking a break from blogging.

1. Use Your Break to Work on Other Projects

If you decide to take a break from blogging, this might be the perfect time to work on other writing projects. You might be interested in other types of writing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a memoir, a children’s book, a script or explore your love for poetry. Since a blogging schedule can be demanding, it might take up a lot of your creative energy and leave little time for other types of writing.

2. Recharge Your Mind and Avoid Burnout

If you’re posting multiple posts a day, burnout can happen. And when you hit burnout, your passion for blogging and the subject may diminish. Those reading your blog may notice a different level of excitement. By taking a break from blogging, you give your mind a time to relax and recharge. When you resume blogging, you can bring new excitement and information to your readers.

3. Use a Co-Blogger to Keep Your Site Active

As a blogger, your biggest fear with taking a break might be losing your readers. However, if you submit a post explaining to readers that you’re going on a brief hiatus – they’ll understand.

Some of them might be fellow bloggers and realize the importance of taking breaks. But if you don’t want your blog to be inactive for a long period, use a co-blogger or seek guest blog posts. You can review and edit these pieces before going on your break, and set up an automatic posting schedule. It’s still important to let readers know about your break, this way they’ll understand when you don’t respond to comments.

4. Avoid the Computer as Much as Possible

If you’re really burnt out, one of the best ways to benefit from blogging is to avoid the computer -- even if it’s just for two or three days. By avoiding the computer, you reduce the temptation of writing a post, reading other blogs and responding to comments, which can also be mentally draining. Step away from the computer or any electronic device and completely clear your mind for a few days.

5. Use a Break to Rethink Your Blog Strategy

Also, when you take a break from blogging, there’s time to rethink your blog strategy. When you’re posting every day or most days a week, there’s little time to evaluate where you need to make improvements. But if you step back from blogging, and brainstorm ways to increase traffic or make the blog more attractive, you can potentially take your blog to the next level. 

The fact that you’re taking a break from blogging doesn’t mean that you’re losing your passion and zeal for the craft. Blogging is hard work, and depending on the frequency of posts, it can be mentally exhausting. But with periodic breaks, you can keep your mind clear and your ideas fresh.


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