Benefits of Allowing Music in the Workplace

Many things can be introduced into the workplace to make employees happier. One of the most popular techniques in improving workplace happiness is to allow music, which has been proven to induce a positive working environment.

Music has been demonstrated to improve morale and productivity. Whether you opt for a local radio station at a low volume or a full-blown music system wiring its way throughout the office, the advantages of music in the workplace are significant.

As a result, more and more business innovators are allowing music to be played at work. According to statistics, around three quarters of businesses in the UK believe in the power of music in the workplace, whether in warehouses, stores or offices. Managers and executives are opting for music to set the tone for the day ahead:

Advantages of music in the workplace:

Music in the workplace has been proven to:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Encourage a happy workplace environment
  • Give employees focus
  • Calm employees
  • Motivate the team
  • Help get in the zone
  • Encourage team work

Nevertheless the decision to play music depends on the type of environment you work in. Certain professions have a much quieter working environment than others, where employees are required to concentrate, focus and above all, remain inspired (think designers, writers and artists). In such cases, playing music can be a great motivator and even ignite inspiration.

On the other hand, some offices that involve precision tasks, number crunching, measuring and so on, or offices that have many external visitors, may find that playing music is distracting to employees. The circumstances are entirely dependent on the type of office environment and the culture of the corporation.


Your decision to introduce music into the workplace should be carefully considered. Where the majority of your team agree that music is a great motivator and should be introduced, others might disagree and feel that complete silence is better for productivity. Whatever the case, respect every employees decision and assess the best option to satisfy your entire department.




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