Benefits of Joining a Professional Society

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 Membership to professional societies and academic clubs remain one of the best ways to further your career and gain exposure amongst influential industry professionals. Membership to professional societies is competitive and usually involves passing certain academic exams or being invited by other members. This adds to the exclusivity and appeal surrounding professional membership.

There are many reasons to join a professional society, some of which are detailed below:

Expand your professional network

By joining a professional society or industry specific organization, you will have direct and unrestricted access to network with similarly educated professionals, who may have the ability and connections to assist you with your career development.

Stay up to date and current on industry trends and developments

A favorable aspect of being a member of a professional body or society is the fact that you can stay current with new industry developments and news. Depending on the society, you may receive a monthly newsletter, attend regular meetings or participate in seminars and workshops; all of which will enable you to stay up to date with developments that will ultimately affect your profession.

Opportunity to promote your company

If you are an entrepreneur, or you play a key role in managing a business, being a member of a professional society is an excellent way to promote your business and gain support, sponsorships and interest from prospective business partners and clients.

Broaden your knowledge

Oftentimes, when a person has accumulated many years of experience in their profession and industry, they tend to suffer from ‘tunnel vision’’ this means that they are accustomed to very particular and set ways of doing business or creating business plans and strategies. Holding a membership with a professional society is an excellent way of ‘opening your eyes’ to new ways of doing business, and will also give you an insight into the strategies adopted by other industry professionals and companies.

Overall, membership to a professional body or society is key to achieving effective career progression within your preferred profession or industry.