Benefits of Utilizing Infographics for Your Business

Marketing your business takes work and a consistent determination to stay informed with new technology and marketing trends. Infographics are visual representations of data in graphic form. It is a way to present complex information in a clear and simple manner. The data is usually represented in the form of charts or maps. According to Albert Costill, the last decade has seen an increasing trend in the use of infographics. Costill stated, “Studies have found that 90% of the information that we remember is based on visual impact.”

Just imagine how much information we take in each day. With the advent of the Internet and increased use of social media sites and surfing the net, we have an information overload on our minds. This is why utilizing infographics for your business is such a good idea. The following is a listing of several reasons why. 

Four Reasons You Should Utilize Infographics for Your Business

# 1 Visual Appeal – Infographics are visually appealing. The graphic format is engaging and quickly draws the viewer in to find out more information. The data is then seen as fun and interesting and works well with our short attention spans.  

# 2 Easily Shared – Infographics are easily shared on the internet through the embedded code. The best part of this for business owners is that the code can include a link back to your website or blog so this allows for easy sharing on the various social media sites you’re active on.

# 3 Branding Benefits – Infographics provide a major benefit of branding for your business. It is very easy to include your logo or tagline into your graphics. If you have a certain color scheme on your website or blog, you can incorporate that design into your infographics.

# 4 Traffic Draw – Infographics deliver the perfect opportunity to have targeted traffic driven to your website. As mentioned in the second benefit in this list, the graphics you share online can be linked back to your online hub.

How to Generate Infographics for Your Business

If you’d like to create infographics for your business, but don’t have the knowledge to generate them yourself, check out You can receive a complimentary infographic template and begin working with one of their team members to complete your project. If you’d like to create your own graphics, Mashable has a comprehensive article on how to create an infographic. In their article, there is an excellent example of an infographic created by Infographic Labs. In the article the basic steps to creating an infographic are as follows:

  1. Think of a great idea
  2. Generate a draft flow chart
  3. Figure out your color scheme
  4. Create appealing graphics
  5. Do your research
  6. Provide facts and conclusions
  7. Proofread the copy

Melanie Haselmayr shares more information on the history and use of infographics to boost your credibility and traffic to your website. Infographics are visually appealing and fun ways to brand your business. These graphics are easily shared online and have an excellent track record in building your brand.  


Photo Credit: Write Speak Sell

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