Benefits of Work Experience in Ghana

Job seekers, professionals and graduates of all areas of expertise and nationalities are encouraged to diversify their work experience listed on their CV by taking up employment in a foreign country as this shows determination, ambition, initiative, and the ability to survive on one’s own – all factors that top companies look for in their new recruits.

Why moving abroad could help boost your career

If you are struggling to develop your career, or even land a job after graduating, it may be time to take the leap and move to another country to gain valuable work experience.

Ghana is becoming a popular destination for individuals to travel to in order to gain valuable work experience. Not only is the country’s primary language English, but there are many job opportunities and learning experiences available for international applicants.

Whilst teaching English is a common option amongst international workers, there are also certain industries that actively recruit foreign workers due to lack of local skilled labour.

Major industries of employment:

  • Food processing
  • Light manufacturing
  • Aluminum smelting
  • Small commercial ship building
  • Lumbering
  • Mining
  • Mobile phone industry
  • Leasing industry
  • Tourism
  • Services

Jobs market

The competition for jobs is surprisingly high in Ghana and this is a result of skilled and educated local graduates. Many companies will give priority to Ghanaian applicants in an effort to reduce the country’s level of unemployment. Nevertheless, there are many job opportunities for skilled and specialist foreign workers.

Some companies may be harder to gain a job offer in than others and this is because the government has put a cap on the number of foreign graduates that a company can hire in Ghana. So be ready for this protocol to set you back a few paces in your job search!

The Immigration Quota System in place is designed to help keep the level of unemployment reduced whilst also encouraging locals to get a good education.

Major companies operating in Ghana which are big employers of foreign workers, include:

  • Scancom Ltd
  • Unique Trust Financial Services
  • Guinness Ghana Breweries
  • Nestle Ghana
  • GCNet
  • Toyota
  • Prudential Bank
  • Barclays Bank








Working in Ghana

Working in Ghana has its benefits and disadvantages. Depending on the job, company an industry you work in, this will determine your level of pay, employment benefits, and working conditions. For foreign workers employed in large multinational companies typically enjoy far greater employment benefits that foreign workers who decide to move to Ghana to teach English for example. English teaching jobs are taken up for gaining invaluable life experiences, whilst jobs in top firms in Ghana are sought for career development purposes.

Employee rights:

  • The average working week is 40 hours, with 8 hours typically worked for 5 days
  • Employees must allowed to take a 30 minute break in an 8 hour day
  • Over time is permitted at a rate of pay
  • Annual leave is calculated at 15 days with additional national holidays