Best Apps for Fashion Designers and Outfit Buyers

Fashion changes every week; fashion designers never know when the inspirations can strike. Good fashion doesn’t come out of the thin air; you’ve to be prepared to welcome it all the time. With a fashion app, you won’t be without your notes, designing ideas, innovative sketches, and moodboards.

Here are the best apps for fashion designers;

1. Shopstyle

Shopstyle is an excellent application for iPhone, and Android users. If you’re both a fashion designer and a shopping-obsessed, this app can ease your work.

  • Access the websites of various fashion stores and outlets using this app
  • Using Shopstyle you can search massive database of online stores, best designers, and hottest deals around the globe
  • Download this free app for Android and iOS
  • Bookmark your favourite pictures, shuffle the collections of designers, and remain updated with the global fashion news
  • The app compiles information about hundreds of stores to ease buyers selection of fashion accessories and dresses



2. Fotopedia Heritage

Fotopedia Heritage, a brilliant app for creative-minded designers, has been developed by Fotonauts Inc. If you’re struggling for more and more creative ideas to come up with the fashion-oriented products, Fotopedia has full range for you.



3. SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is strictly an app for designers and outfit makers. It was developed by Autodesk Inc. Using this app you can get the following benefits;

  • a wide selection of sketches of varying styles
  • Sketchbook Pro is available for both iPad and iPhone users, with a variety of brushes and user-friendly interface to meet all your sketching requirements
  • It features customizable colour palette that is suitable for fashion designers working to pull together cohesive colour themes across several ideas and innovative looks


4. Moodboard

Moodboard is an app by A Tiny Tribe llc. This facilitates the users in following ways;

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  • While designing several collections, the designers rely on moodboards to focus their vision; Moodboard eases your work so that you can continue working without any distraction
  • Buyers and fashion designers can browse a wide range of stores to read the useful articles about fashion
  • You can even access several websites for online shopping of your favourite fashion accessories
  • Press the crop symbol of the menu bar for capturing and saving anything that inspires you as a fashion designer
  • Type out notes, and add thumbtacks while creating something extraordinary for the fashion lovers



5. ASOS App

With this comprehensive app, you can enjoy fast and easy access to online shopping centers. Some more features of this app are;

  • Shows a selection of highlights of the best fashions from the current markets
  • Easily navigated shopping options for the potential buyers



Fashion designers can set up their online fashion stores to maximise sales. It is a favourable business option for the low-budget designers. The above applications aren’t only to pave designers’ way towards success, but also highly demanded by the buyers. Today’s generation is obsessed to buy modern outfits and stylish accessories, thus, running an online fashion store ca lead you enjoy a successful lifetime fashion designing business.

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