Best Industries of Employment 2013

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Did you struggle to find employment in 2012? Was the job market weak, if not stagnant? Fear not; with a bit of research and forward thinking, 2013 may be the year that you are going to step back onto the career ladder and achieve employment success.

Things to consider

Are there certain areas where job growth is going to be more successful than others? This year is the time for you to go where the jobs are, rather than waiting for the exact job that you were doing before you became unemployed.

With the right frame of mind and determination, 2013 may be the year for you to make a difference! Adapt to change and make it work for you!

Areas poised for growth for 2013

Online Market Research

This industry is one of the hottest on the market right now. The analysis of consumer behavior tells us a great deal about where, how and why people are spending their money, and more and more companies are hiring market researchers to learn as much as possible about how their businesses are progressing.

Construction Management

Though this sector was very hard hit during the recession, residential sales in many regions are slowly beginning to pick up.

Home Healthcare Workers

This industry has become very highly demanded in recent years, due to the rising costs of old people’s homes. A job as a home healthcare worker also pays very reasonably.

Production Work

Reality television has become a common part of our TV viewing lives and has therefore resulted in a greater demand for camera people and production workers. Any skills in this industry are likely to be much sought after throughout 2013.

Mobile Technology

The demand for mobile retail buying is stronger than ever with sales, marketing and consulting management positions in very high demand this year.

Home Concierge Services

The wealthiest individuals remained unaffected by the impact of the global economic recession, meaning that home concierge services stayed in high demand. Whether for maid services, maintenance, home repair work or dog sitting, there is plenty of work available in this sector.




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