Beware of the ‘Unsaid’ Desktop Dining Rules!

Missed breakfast? Working through lunch? Overtime on the cards? You’re bound to be a desktop diner! Like most workaholics, you put meeting deadlines and sifting through emails before your meals, and although this allows you to cram in a few minutes more work time, your energy levels and attention span will suffer!

But maybe worst of all, you become known as a ‘desktop diner’!

If you insist on eating your meals at your desk, one had on your burger while furiously typing with the other, then at least follow some of the ‘unsaid’, but nevertheless vital, dining etiquette rules.

#1 Keep snacking to a minimum!

You must eat breakfast! Get up extra early and warm up a big bowl of porridge; not only will this keep you ticking over until lunchtime, but you won’t feel the need to rustle a crisp packet or munch on sweets throughout the day!

#2 If you can smell it, avoid it

A pet hate with office workers is the potent smell of junk food that lingers around the office for a good few hours AFTER lunch is over! Most office buildings do not have windows that open for health and safety reasons, so try to eat foods that have a neutral smell so not to disgruntle your colleagues. Fruit and sandwiches are the popular choice.

#3 Breath mints are your best friend!

Depending on your choice of desktop meal, you may notice your colleagues swerve your desk after lunch! Be sure to chew on some refreshing mints or chewing gum after you have finished your meal – especially if you have client meetings to attend!

#4 Don’t eat in front of clients/customers

If you are in a customer-facing environment, or have clients in eye view of your desk, then you should really try to avoid eating in front of them. It is unprofessional and frankly, no-one wants to see you eat an egg and cress roll!

#5 Clean up your crumbs!

 Invest in a keyboard air spray cleaner to keep your keyboard free from ghastly crumbs and bacteria. Never leave half-eaten food at your desk, and certainly never keep dirty plates and cutlery around for everyone to see. The tidier you are, the better all round!