Biomimicry and its Significance to Business

butterfly biomimicry

Mother Nature is the greatest inventor of all times. She is the master organizer of events within the ecosystem, hence the reason businesses across various industries now try to find solutions to their problems by looking at how nature operates. This has led to the emergence of a new field of study known as biomimicry – from Greek words bio, meaning ‘life’, and mimesis, which means ‘imitation’. If you’re consequently working on a project and you feel like you’re running short of creativity, its perhaps time to consult nature’s dynamics for a number of reasons.

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Bolster an Inventive Spirit

Leonardo da Vinci first proposed the building of airplanes by looking at how birds fly. Architects later on studied how to reduce the weight of iron roof structures by studying the arrangement of birds’ bones and their structural aspects. The list goes on to include the invention of electric trains, fighter jets and the dissection of other animals to establish how the human body works. Fashion and interior décor experts count on the symmetrical patterns found on moths and butterfly wings or plants with uniquely shaped leaves and color outlines to create original and inspiring works. The trend is also being taken up in the movie, web and product design industries to create appeal.

Cost-cutting Benefits

Nature provides templates which you can base your ideas on. This makes it possible to have a clear plan and to avoid the art of trying to make things happen by taking blind shots at your short, medium and long term goals. Biomimicry, for example, helped robotic engineers to create rock-climbing robots at a cheaper price when they applied geckos’ adhesive foot reversal techniques. The cost of maintaining marine vessels have also gone down since the discovery of antibacterial coatings which protect the vessels’ bottoms from destructive marine bacteria – a technology inspired by studying the difference between shark and whale skins.

Reliable Designs

The Pomelo fruit can hit the ground from as high as 30 feet without any signs of damage, inspiring the creation of composite safety aluminum materials. Automotive, airplane and manufacturing industries which lay emphasis on safety are likely to find this invention useful. AskNature is an example of sites which help people to find the biomimicry insights they need to make career breakthroughs by crafting ingenious and reliable nature-inspired products.

Product Improvement

Biomimicry also helps businesses across several industries in product improvement endeavors. You can, for instance, eliminate product flaws and make them efficient enough to capture and retain customer confidence. Fabric makers, for example, study various aspects of the polar bears’ fur to improve their winter fashion designs. The trend is also replicated in the solar energy sector where experts examine the arrangement of leaves, flowers and branches of various trees to improve solar panels’ ability to transform different sunlight intensities into industrial and domestic power.

Getting the right inspiration from nature’s templates requires you to have an open mind and relate all you see around you to your professional challenges. Whether you’re taking a walk in the park, playing with your pet or gazing at a star studded clear night sky, you can always find a biomimicry hint to business or career success.