How To Boost Conversion Rates Using Long Tail Keywords

SEO Long Tail Keywords

Keywords have always played an essential role in a SEO campaign. Like other SEO methods, keyword strategies have become more complex in the past decade.

Keywords are words that people type in the query bar of a search engine during a search. They are also what search engines use to determine the relevance of a website. Keywords can be found in various parts of a website. They also change according to trends and consumer behavior.

Long Tail Keywords 101 

Keywords can be categorized into two groups: short tail keywords and long tail keywords. As the name suggests, short tail keywords use general or common phrases. These words have the ability to generate massive amounts of traffic, which can be beneficial for any website or company. 

However, for websites that are serious about increasing their revenue, long tail keywords have proven to be more effective in attaining this goal. Long tail keywords are a set of keywords that are specific and particular to the search of the customer. In order to get a better idea of the difference between the two, the following is an example of two sets of keywords for an online vitamin/supplements company. A set of short tail keywords may include: healthy vitamins. On the other hand, a customer that is keen on purchasing vitamins online may type in the following: buy vitamin E 250mg capsule discount Seattle.

Why Are Conversion Rates Important?

Conversion rate is the percentage or ratio at which a visitor performs a desired action based on the website’s purpose. It can be as simple as filling out a form or calling a hotline. For many websites, conversion rates deal with online sales. This is because for ecommerce websites, generating revenue is technically more important than generating traffic.

A website that is selling a product or service will not be able to sustain itself on traffic alone. Thus, quality traffic is necessary for websites with long-term goals. As mentioned earlier, boosting conversion rates for a website includes various methods such as enhancing user experience and strategic PPC campaigns. 

Conversion Rates and Long Tail Keywords: Putting The Two Together

Keywords with 11-20 characters are considered to be the most effective when using long tail keywords. However, there are a number of exceptions such as popularity of the keywords or niche. If your website is offering a product or service that is not that popular, making use of long tail keywords that are too narrow may not produce the desired results. 

It is also important to take note that short tail keywords should not be neglected. Generating traffic is essential in the promotion and awareness of the website. One of the advantages of using long tail keywords is that it makes ranking for a phrase a lot easier and less time consuming.


Many people like the idea of long tail keywords, but struggle to target a specific demographic. Some individuals feel that they want to still be able to cater to both short tail and long tail keyword markets. One way of letting go of that idea is localization. This method in choosing effective long tail keywords incorporates your location as one of the keywords in the phrase. When it comes to narrowing down a search, this is one of the best ways to do it. However, this method is not applicable for all websites and can be limiting for companies that have broad goals.

How has using long tail keywords helped your website’s SEO? Let us know about your online success in the comment section below.




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