How To Boost Your Marketing Campaign Using Customer Segmentation

customer segmentation

Before launching a marketing campaign, you first need to split your target audience into groups.

Customer segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves grouping one’s audience according to specific categories. These groups range from basic attributes and characteristics such as age, gender or occupation, to complex variables such as spending habits, store preferences or family background.

Gathering Customer Data

Building segments can be done with the data that your company has been collecting through feedback, surveys and profiles. Because the information that you’re collecting will be eventually used for this, it is best to come up with the right questions that will help classify your company’s demographic in the right categories.

Customer segments are used to pinpoint set groups to formulate an effective marketing strategy. For example, if your business groups a set demographic according to smartphone usage, a suitable strategy to incorporate would be mobile-friendly layouts. This can cater directly to the customer’s lifestyle, making them more responsive to one’s marketing campaign in the process.

Customer Segmentation 101

As mentioned earlier, your business will need to come up with the right segments in order to effectively group your audience. These groupings are very straightforward and do not require a compilation of deep data to formulate. Examples of slightly more complex segments are high value customers versus high frequency customers.

To gather this information, your company would need to first highlight variables that classify higher value customers and high frequency customers. When formulating variables, you have to be as thorough as possible. Placing individuals in wrong groups can result in unsatisfied customers and may cause your marketing campaign to fail.

Harnessing The Power Of Segmented Messages

In most cases, your brand wants to deliver a general message to an entire audience. The problem is that not all the members of your audience will accept a general message the same way, because they are all different. When a business opts for a “one size fits all” solution to message delivery, it almost never gets the same results as a customized message.

Delivery platforms should be considered to maximize the connection with a set segment. For example, if you have a segment for customers who are working office jobs, your brand may choose to send an email at 8:30am for individuals to read when he or she sits down before starting work. Additionally, since this group is living a routine lifestyle, they are likely to have loyalty cards of their favorite stores. Because of the group’s customer behavior, your company may also capitalize on in-store loyalty reward systems.

Social media platforms play an essential role in message delivery. Using the right digital platform to deliver your brand’s message can ensure that your reach is at its full potential at all times.

Examples Of Customer Segmentation Tools

For email communications, Mail Chimp is a cut above the rest. They have highly customizable features that let users create lists and implement personalized email campaigns. A/B testing can also be done using the online platform, making it perfect for customer segmentation. Mail Chimp has several case studies available online to better understand how to use their services.

When it comes to social media solutions, Sprout Social provides a comprehensive layout with streamlined features. Businesses that use this platform can integrate all their social media accounts in one screen. Analytics, reporting and profiling can easily be done using simple workflows. Research using Sprout Social is efficient and useful for monitoring your brand’s competition.

There are numerous customer segmentation tools out in the market today. It is recommended to experiment with some before committing to one that you are comfortable with. To conclude, customer segmentation is used for increasing the accuracy of your marketing campaigns. As a result, you can create and deliver customized messages that leave an impact on your audience.




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