How to Boost Your Work Wardrobe Without Busting Your Wallet


The way you dress says a lot to your employer and coworkers about your personality, ambitions and financial position. You do not need to have a big wallet to maintain a high quality professional look that matches your career aspirations. Simply take note of the following tips so that you get the best out of your clothes without stretching on your budget.

Shop in your closet first

Boosting your wardrobe does not necessarily mean having to go out shopping for more clothes. Start by looking at the outfits in your wardrobe. Select those that can easily pass off as business or business casual, and see how best to organize all your clothes around your working life. Make a list of things you might need to add such as ties, blouses, camisoles, and socks, so that you spend money on exactly what you need rather than spending on items you already own.

Buy clothing in pieces

Office attire is not just limited to suits, which tend to be extremely expensive. It is much more affordable and practical to buy clothing in pieces. Although women can pull of separates better, men can also save a lot by trying to shop in the same way. Instead of buying two suits, for instance, you could buy five shirts and two pairs of trousers. You have a wider selection to take you through the workweek and you spend much less in comparison.

Look out for discounts

You don’t need to wear the latest fashion trends or the newest clothes. You can look smart and neat with clothes bought at discount, and save lots of cash while shopping. Various online stores such as eBay have great discounts you can take advantage of. You should also look out for sales in the high-end market where you can get great fashion gems that give you a classy look. Nevertheless, buying clothes on discount doesn’t mean you have to compromise your professional look by going for the cheapest items. Always choose the best quality.

Invest in solid colors

The best way to stretch how you use clothes in your wardrobe is to purchase deep, solid colors such as black, navy, grey and brown. Clothing items in these colors can be combined with various other appropriate colors, therefore giving you more in terms of mixing and matching. In addition to this, you can maintain such clothes easily. Suits, ties, trousers, socks and skirts are the best items of clothing to buy in deep tones.

It does not take much to diversify your wardrobe and get a great look on less. Having a good dress sense, especially with a small budget, has a positive impact on your job and the progress of your career. According to Forbes, dressing well as a woman ensures security in your current role; therefore, appropriate dressing is necessary for work guarantee. Once you’ve gotten to know the dress culture in your workplace, it becomes easier for you to determine what is appropriate and where to shop for it.




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