Branding Your Business Using Celebrity Tactics

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When it comes to branding, celebrities are the kings and queens of making their mark. Branding is extremely important in any business, and one of the most difficult tasks to conquer. Making a name for your business is the key to success. Though it seems like celebrities represent their own brand naturally, there is a lot of work that goes into creating and maintaining a particular brand. Celebrities are the masters of this because their brand is so harshly scrutinized in the public eye. It is their sole responsibility to maintain a good reputation, which is not easy when you are being watched and criticized 24/7.

So, how do they do it?

There are several factors that play into celebrity branding success. To make it simple, I will focus on 5 main tactics that we can relate to.

  1.        Uniqueness
  2.        Transparency
  3.        Public Speaking
  4.        Social Media/Publishing
  5.        Teamwork



Find your company’s niche, and stay true to it. All companies should know exactly what they stand for, and be able to back that up and represent it at any time. Lady Gaga has a very unique image which she has maintained since the beginning of her career. It is something different and she has been consistent in all her years of fame. If you look at someone like Lindsey Lohan, you can understand how letting go of your image and what you stand for can give you a downward spiral of bad luck.



Somewhat linked to the point about uniqueness, you must have a transparent image for your business. The curiosity of knowing where products come from is growing, and you need to be able to show all corners of your business to the general public. Any sense of hiding anything will completely turn off your audience and kick dirt over your brand.  Kim Kardashian devoured the public eye with her TV hit, ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians,’ because of its uncensored invite into the lives of the Kardashian family.


Social Media/Publishing

Public speaking is important, but we absolutely cannot ignore the digital world. Celebrities dominate all social media platforms, especially Twitter, and it has changed the way we view them. The amount of thought that needs to be put into each post should not be underestimated. Celebrities like Mary J. Blige have shown us exactly why you should pay a bit more attention to what you are Tweeting (below). This tweet lives-on on the world wide web forever.


Public Speaking

Since we are in a time where the digital world is taking over, public speaking can sometimes be overlooked. However, regardless of how much the digital world grows around us, it can never offer the emotional connection you can have with your target audience that a personal presence can offer. Celebrity appearances still play a major factor in their marketing tactics and though most celebrities despise them I’m sure, they still happen on the regular. You must have a voice for your product and spread it as much as you can. The more they hear about it, the more you promote your brand on an emotional level. Relating with your audience on an emotional level is one of the most effective ways of turning them into customers.



Every celeb has an entourage, and you should too. Surrounding your business with a group of people that share passion and dedication to your product is a must. Building a great team plays a major part in building a brand. The team you have supporting your business are also respresenting your business so it is important to be very careful when hiring. If and when celebrities let someone in that they shouldn’t – the media hears about it. Any wrong turn in team building and you can experience devaluation of your brand on an uncontrollable level. We see this in the media every day with ex-employees of celebrities spreading rumors (and truths) about their work experience. Lady Gaga got involved in a 6 hour disposition on August.6 with her ex assistant and friend, which was all over the news. Her ex assistant had a lot of harsh things to say about Gaga and the world was reading it..

Though you may not be the type to follow celebs – if you are looking for branding tactics, you should start. Pay attention to the media attention that they get and what they have done to receive it. Most of their tactics are possible in any business, though you may start at a smaller level, with a smaller audience. With experience, solid campaigns, and a well planned routine – your brand is bound to grow.

How would you brand your product? Comment below. 




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